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Kids can be so much fun!

Mark and I spent some time with family yesterday. We hung out with his cousin Jason, wife Dawn and their son Travis (18 months).

Then, Mark’s other cousin Liz and her husband Rick came over as well. They have three kids, Rick jr. (8 years), Elaina (6 years) and baby Lily who is only 3 months old!

It was a mad house full of The Wiggles and building forts. I managed to capture some cool shots of the kids.


Baby Lily is always so serious!
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Travis is such a cutie!
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Rick was so proud of his frog. He is also an awesome artist like his Uncle Jason!
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Elaina is a natural. She can be shy at first, but she is not lacking in attitude! I was trying something a little different with the coloring here.
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Elaina wanted to pose for me so badly so we had our own little private photoshoot in the hallway!
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Travis loves Mark’s camo hat and wore it most of the night!
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More from the photoshoot with Elaina! I told her mom she should be modelling!
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Even Domino got in on the photo action!
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Here is my favorite shot of the day, Rick Sr and Lily
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Heather + John

Heather, John and I go way back. Way back to the early ’00’s. haha We all worked together at Best Buy years back, and because of a few cross country moves we lost touch. Thanks to the wonderful world of MySpace, we got back in touch.

Their wedding is August 4, 2007 in North County. Heather lives in Indiana still, and won’t move back until just before the wedding. She was out visiting over the Christmas holiday so we got together to shoot their Engagements.

They are so adorable together, very natural. I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding!

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In my spare time…
Spare time is a joke. I’m always busy. Just ask my friends that I never have enough time to call or my dog that looks longingly at me as I leave the house every day. Good thing Mark (the boyfriend) is at home to watch her!

But I do get some down time during the day and I usually spend it looking at photographs online. I’m most impressed with other Wedding Photographers. I gain a lot of inspiration looking at peoples work.

I’m always a fan of bright, crisp colors and anything that is eye catching. And clouds. I’m a sucker for cool clouds!

This is copyrighted by a gentleman named Simon, from www.shutterstock.com

Lauren and Mike’s Christmas Photos

These shots are of my good friend Lauren and her boyfriend Mike. Their parents begged for some professional photos of them for Christmas so Lauren asked me to do them. It was a little chilly for the beach so we improvised! We both live in Valley Center, so I thought the public library/town museum would be a cute alternative. Being Sunday, it was closed which was even better!

Turns out, I really liked the location! Plus the clouds turned out great! Lauren is so photogenic, she was great. Mike wasn’t thrilled to be there in the first place but he was still a good sport about it!

Here a few of my favorite shots from the day:

10 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Bridal Gown
David’s Bridal (www.davidsbridal.com) came out with this list to help you choose your gown. I know this will be beneficial to some brides – I have an April bride who still hasn’t found her dress! Come on Jen – You better start looking! 🙂
I am not associated with David’s in any way – I just thought this would come in handy!
Ten Tips:
Find a reputable shop – ask family and friends and co-workers for stores that they recommend. It should be a place that’s been in business for quite some time and has a history of satisfied customers.
Have your total bridal image in mind when trying on gowns. Browse bridal publications for styles and silhouettes that catch your eye. However, don’t be afraid to try on something completely different. You never know…it could be the one!
Look for a store that is staffed with personable, experienced bridal consultants, who will guide you through the selection process. A knowledgeable consultant is invaluable in assisting you in choosing the ideal style for your figure.
Bring along a friend or relative who will be supportive during your shopping experience, and give you an honest opinion about your selection.
For convenience sake, look for a store with a wide size and in-stock style range where you can purchase and take home your gown all in the same day. This eliminates trying on a samples size gown, having measurements taken, ordering the dress and waiting an average of 4 – 6 months for delivery.
Your time is important. Find a store where you can make an appointment and where all your needs can be accommodated from headpieces to foundations, jewelry, shoes, heirlooming as well as dresses for your entire bridal party.
Plan your budget. A store with understanding consultants will help you stay to your budget. Payment options, such as credit cards, checks or financing may be essential.
For a perfect fit, a store with an on-the-site alteration expert is vital. Many even primp your gown by steaming and packing it perfectly on a form to hold its shape for the big day.
A store you make you feel at ease, with friendly service and a comfortable atmosphere, good lighting and plenty of full-length mirrors. You should be treated like a princess!
Most importantly, you will know the dress is “the one” when you feel comfortable, confident and never want to take it off. You may even shed a tear when you catch a first glimpse in the mirror!
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