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A new look for ME = Free stuff for YOU!

5 Years. That’s how long I had my last website.  It was time for a change!  I’m so excited about my new website, blog and branding done by the talented Cathy at Love-Inspired!  I hope you are excited too, even if it just excitement about winning.  😉  Don’t forget to hop on over to the website and check out the beautiful work Cathy did!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

 Free stuff you say?!?!  Everyone loves free stuff!  And the best part – you get to pick your own prize!  I’m giving away one of the following:


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Here are the many different ways for you to enter and win!  You can do just one or increase your odds and do all.

1. Comment on this blog post!  Easy right?  Then get commenting!  (only one comment counts per person, feel free to comment as much as you’d like but just know you only get 1 entry for this)

2. Tweet about this post here –>

Make sure to include my name @melissamcclure in the tweet.  For example, you could write:  “@melissamcclure has a new look – and she is giving away free stuff!  Check it out!   You get 1 additional entry for this!

3. Head over to my fan page (if you would “like” it that would be great – but not conditional on winning). Tag Melissa McClure Photography in a post on your own Facebook personal page or fan page!  You must tag my page so I can track the entry.  (1 entry for this)

4. Blog about my new look on your own blog!  No matter what your blog is about, I’d love the exposure!  Make sure to come back here and put the link in my comment section to your own blog post.  I’ll even throw in an extra entry for this one (2 total)!

5. Pin me!  Choose a photo on my blog and re-pin it on Pinterest!  Any photo at all.  Make sure to tag me in the pin or come back here and link to your pin in the comments. One extra entry for this!

That’s the potential for 6 entries in the contest!  Wowza!  This contest will end on April 10th, with the winner picked by a random number generator on April 11th!  The winner will be notified via the blog and a personal email from me and they will be able to choose their prize!



Congrats to Yvonne B. – the winner!



San Diego Sailboat Engagement Session – {Dana + Lake}

I’m soooooooooooo excited to finally share this shoot!  When Dana + Lake mentioned they owned a boat and would I mind taking their photos on it – I pretty much peed my pants. Ok not really, but it was a close call.   I love new adventures!  And I won’t lie -it was an adventure!  You see, sailboats have to be sailed…I know, right?  They totally rocked it out between taking breaks for actually sailing the boat!  I’m so in love with these images!

Monderly Wed also loved them, so much that they are featured over there today!  WOOT!

Thanks to Dana + Lake for the awesome opportunity!

sailboat_engagement_01 sailboat_engagement_02 sailboat_engagement_03 sailboat_engagement_04 sailboat_engagement_05 sailboat_engagement_06 sailboat_engagement_07 sailboat_engagement_08 sailboat_engagement_09 sailboat_engagement_10 sailboat_engagement_11 sailboat_engagement_12 sailboat_engagement_13 sailboat_engagement_14 sailboat_engagement_15 sailboat_engagement_16 sailboat_engagement_17

Paradise Point Wedding – {Mark + Katie}


This may win the award for most-overdue wedding to be blogged. Or not.  But since this lovely couple is just shy of their 2 year anniversary I thought it might as well be time to blog it! ha!   But these two are understanding…they have to be, they are my family!  My cousin Mark married his perfect match at in La Jolla and celebrated at Paradise Point.  I photographed the first half of the day and after portraits, Mandi took over the lead while I got to dine, drink and dance the night away!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have that at every wedding? 😉  Paradise_Point_Wedding_02 Paradise_Point_Wedding_03 Paradise_Point_Wedding_04 Paradise_Point_Wedding_05 Paradise_Point_Wedding_06 Paradise_Point_Wedding_07 Paradise_Point_Wedding_08 Paradise_Point_Wedding_09 Paradise_Point_Wedding_10 Paradise_Point_Wedding_11 Paradise_Point_Wedding_12 Paradise_Point_Wedding_13 Paradise_Point_Wedding_14 Paradise_Point_Wedding_15 Paradise_Point_Wedding_16 Paradise_Point_Wedding_17 Paradise_Point_Wedding_18 Paradise_Point_Wedding_19 Paradise_Point_Wedding_20 Paradise_Point_Wedding_21 Paradise_Point_Wedding_22 Paradise_Point_Wedding_23

Ceremony: La Jolla Presbyterian Church
Reception: Paradise Point Resort and Spa
Photography: Melissa McClure/Mandi Contreras
Assistant Photographers: Jackie Guidi
Wedding Coordinator: Orange Blossom Events
Florist: Exquisite Blooms
Cake: Bride’s Aunt
Videographer: Matt Lundgren
DJ: Daniel Peterson
Makeup: Chandra Campos
Hair: Cheri Joyner
Dress: Here Comes the Bride
Shoes: Nordstrom
Brides’s Jewlery: Zales
Limo: Elite Image
Bridesmaid dresses: Aria Bridal

Bucket List Adventures: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Part two of our amazing trip to Thailand brings us to Chiang Mai, in the north. We took an overnight train from Bangkok (which was a story for another day!) Chiang Mai was a big city surrounded by gorgeous countryside. We got to have some awesome animal adventures here, including cuddling with tigers and bathing elephants.  The photos that Jason and I are in were taken by the employees, mostly as part of the package we purchased to be there.  The rest were taken by me!

Tiger Kingdom was awesome! Cuddling with tigers is something I never thought I would experience! 

Chiang_mai_01 Chiang_mai_02 Chiang_mai_03 Chiang_mai_04 Chiang_mai_05 Chiang_mai_06One of the most beautiful temples we visited, Doi Suthep, in the hills of Chiang Mai. We were there the same time as the King & Queen which was a ruckus as you can imagine.  Didn’t get to meet them though 😉

Chiang_mai_07 Chiang_mai_08 Chiang_mai_09

Chiang Mai from aboveChiang_mai_10

Patara Elephant Farm – adopted an elephant (or two for Jason) for a day!  Such a neat experience!Chiang_mai_11 Chiang_mai_12 Chiang_mai_13

Cuvier Park Wedding – {Caleb + Esme}

I adore Esme! From her initial email, I knew I wanted to meet her! My instinct was right, she is so sweet and genuine. Caleb is her perfect match and obviously adores her.  They had a small wedding on a Friday afternoon in overcast La Jolla in November.  Immediately following their ceremony, they had a mini-reception with cake, a first dance, toasts and sparking cider!

cuvier_park_wedding_02 cuvier_park_wedding_03 cuvier_park_wedding_04 cuvier_park_wedding_05 cuvier_park_wedding_06 cuvier_park_wedding_07 cuvier_park_wedding_08 cuvier_park_wedding_09 cuvier_park_wedding_10 cuvier_park_wedding_11 cuvier_park_wedding_12 cuvier_park_wedding_13 cuvier_park_wedding_14 cuvier_park_wedding_15 cuvier_park_wedding_16 cuvier_park_wedding_17 cuvier_park_wedding_18 cuvier_park_wedding_19 cuvier_park_wedding_20 cuvier_park_wedding_21 cuvier_park_wedding_22

Ceremony Location: Cuvier Park, La Jolla
Photographer: Melissa McClure
Ceremony Arch: Arc de Belle
Florist: flora glamour
Arch: Arc de Belle
Officiant: Pastor Dave Hommel
Cake: Sarah & Hannah Christofer (groom’s sisters) 🙂
Guitarist: Chad Goss (friend of the couple)
Bride’s Makeup: Judy (Hair Drezzers on fire)
Bride’s Hair: Tori (Hair Drezzers on fire)
Bride’s Dress: Alexandra Feiles
Brides shoes: David’s Bridal
Groom/Groomsmen outfits: Macy’s (the Peri Ellis suit)
Transportation: Rolls Livery
Invitations: Posh Paperie

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