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San Diego Boudoir Photos – The Sexy Mrs H

 I thought you could use a little sexy to help you kick off this awesome end of the month Friday!  The stunning Mrs H opted to do some sexy boudoir shots for her hubby – and from what I hear he was more than pleasantly surprised!  We’re keeping her identity hidden, however.  Her hubby is the only one that gets to see the photos with identifying marks!  Thanks to Mrs H for letting me share these!! xo










Del Mar Private Estate Wedding – {Mike + Kat}

Kat + Mike were married among family members at their home in Del Mar.  It was such a lovely afternoon for the intimate affair. Even their doggies got in on the fun!  Have you ever seen a bride feed her dogs & pick up after them – all in her wedding dress!  Kat is so sweet and down to earth.  I’m a lucky photographer to get to work with couples like these two!!

Hop on over to Every Last Detail blog and check out their awesome feature on this wedding as well!  

del_mar_wedding_02 del_mar_wedding_03 del_mar_wedding_04 del_mar_wedding_05 del_mar_wedding_06 del_mar_wedding_07 del_mar_wedding_08 del_mar_wedding_09 del_mar_wedding_10 del_mar_wedding_11 del_mar_wedding_12 del_mar_wedding_13 del_mar_wedding_14 del_mar_wedding_15 del_mar_wedding_16 del_mar_wedding_17 del_mar_wedding_18 del_mar_wedding_19 del_mar_wedding_20 del_mar_wedding_21 del_mar_wedding_22 del_mar_wedding_23 del_mar_wedding_24 del_mar_wedding_25 del_mar_wedding_26 del_mar_wedding_27 del_mar_wedding_28 del_mar_wedding_29 del_mar_wedding_30 del_mar_wedding_31 del_mar_wedding_32 del_mar_wedding_33 del_mar_wedding_34 del_mar_wedding_35 del_mar_wedding_36
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Wedding Planner: Your Event by Erin
Flowers & Decor: Floral Palette
Catering: Coast Catering
Cake Baker: Sumi’s Oven
Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen
Rentals: Raphaels Party Rentals
Ceremony Officiant: Pastor Mike Mitschke
Ceremony Musicians: Ron Freshman
Bride’s Dress: Badgley Mischka
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Makeup Artist: Dolled Up Industries

Torrey Pines Engagement Session with Mandi – {Linda + Ryan}



Photos by Associate Photographer, Mandi Contreras

Linda + Ryan are so adorable and so playful with each other!  You can just tell they are head over heels for each other!  I can’t wait to share their wine-themed Ponte Winery wedding with you all!

beach_engagement_01 beach_engagement_02 beach_engagement_03 beach_engagement_04 beach_engagement_05 beach_engagement_06 beach_engagement_07 beach_engagement_08 beach_engagement_09 beach_engagement_10 beach_engagement_11 beach_engagement_12 beach_engagement_13 beach_engagement_14 beach_engagement_15 beach_engagement_16

Mandi is an associate photographer for Melissa McClure photography, she can be contacted directly at

Admiral Kidd Club Wedding – {Antonio + Leilani}

admiral_kidd_wedding_01My first wedding of 2013 was a fantastic party to kick off an already amazing year!  After Leilani + Antonio’s killer Baltimore engagement session, I was so excited to get these two in front of my camera again – so much chemistry!  They said their emotional vows in front of their large group of family and friends from all over the world. I think this may have been my most multicultural wedding to date – Samoans + Portuguese were there to represent! I learned a lot about Samoan traditions (and what a close knit community they are) and watched the graceful Leilani dance so beautifully.   admiral_kidd_wedding_02 admiral_kidd_wedding_03 admiral_kidd_wedding_04 admiral_kidd_wedding_05 admiral_kidd_wedding_06 admiral_kidd_wedding_07 admiral_kidd_wedding_08 admiral_kidd_wedding_09 admiral_kidd_wedding_10 admiral_kidd_wedding_11 admiral_kidd_wedding_12 admiral_kidd_wedding_13 admiral_kidd_wedding_14 admiral_kidd_wedding_15 admiral_kidd_wedding_16 admiral_kidd_wedding_17 admiral_kidd_wedding_18 admiral_kidd_wedding_19 admiral_kidd_wedding_20 admiral_kidd_wedding_21 admiral_kidd_wedding_22 admiral_kidd_wedding_23 admiral_kidd_wedding_24 admiral_kidd_wedding_25 admiral_kidd_wedding_26 admiral_kidd_wedding_27 admiral_kidd_wedding_28 admiral_kidd_wedding_29 admiral_kidd_wedding_30 admiral_kidd_wedding_31 admiral_kidd_wedding_32 admiral_kidd_wedding_33 admiral_kidd_wedding_34 admiral_kidd_wedding_35 admiral_kidd_wedding_36 admiral_kidd_wedding_37 admiral_kidd_wedding_38 admiral_kidd_wedding_39

Photographer: Melissa McClure
Wedding Coordinator: Joy Lavergne (
DJ/Band: DJ Roy Afo
Florist: Leina’ala Cibulka
Dress: Prevue, Bolero and Veil by Bridals by Elena
Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal
Grooms/Groomsmen outfit: K&G, Men’s Wearhouse
Hair/Makeup: Jerelyn Rox, Mika Hirao-Solem
Cake: Ivona Mills
Videographer: Luke McCain
McCormick Ranch House Wedding – Camarillo, CA – {Ryan + Kim}

This wedding is just a little different than others on my blog. Mainly because one of the bridesmaids may see uber familiar – it’s me!  One of  my oldest/closest friends, Kim married her Ryan last year and I got to play double duty as photographer and bridesmaid.  Well, I shot the portraits during the cocktail hour (in wedges and a long bridesmaid dress – mind you).  Mandi took care of the rest of the day for me!  I’m not gonna lie, it was probably the hottest day ever in the history of hot days.  And because so many people (men) ask, yes Ryan wore a baseball cap at his wedding.  And no, fellas, your bride probably will not let you wear one.  Kim is just that rad. But you have to be rad to be my friend, right?!
Mccormick_ranch_wedding_02 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_03 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_04 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_05 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_06 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_07 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_08 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_09 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_10 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_11 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_12 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_13 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_14 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_15 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_16 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_17 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_18 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_19 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_20 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_21 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_22 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_23 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_24 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_25 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_26 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_27 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_28 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_29 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_30 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_31 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_32 Mccormick_ranch_wedding_33

And just for fun, here is an iPhone photo Mandi grabbed of me shooting that day!


Photographer: Mandi & me
Wedding Coordinator: Groom’s Aunt
Florist: Groom’s mom & family friend
Makeup: Meg Mills
Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal
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