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Krabi, Thailand – Railay Bay Resort Wedding – {Matt + Donna}


thailand_wedding_001Prepare for a massive blog post of photos! I’ve been waiting 9 months to share this one!  Now that the magazine is on shelves I finally can!  Donna + Matt had an amazing wedding surrounded by their close family and friends.  22 people flew out (mostly from the US) for their week long celebration and I was thrilled Michele & I could be a part of it!   The day started off with the Eastern ceremony and finished with their Western one.  The party went late in to the night, dancing and drinking on the sand.  There were fire dances and lantern releases.  And a whole lot of love.  Enjoy the photos!  I can’t wait to get back to Thailand.

Donna’s amazing dress was custom made in San Francisco by Atelier des Modistes!  thailand_wedding_002 thailand_wedding_003 thailand_wedding_004 thailand_wedding_005 thailand_wedding_006 thailand_wedding_007 thailand_wedding_008 thailand_wedding_009 thailand_wedding_010 thailand_wedding_011 thailand_wedding_012 thailand_wedding_013 thailand_wedding_014 thailand_wedding_015 thailand_wedding_016 thailand_wedding_017 thailand_wedding_018 thailand_wedding_019 thailand_wedding_020 thailand_wedding_021 thailand_wedding_022 thailand_wedding_023 thailand_wedding_024 thailand_wedding_025 thailand_wedding_026 thailand_wedding_027 thailand_wedding_028 thailand_wedding_029 thailand_wedding_030

Buddhist Monk Blessing + Thai Water Ceremony – Thailand Wedding – {Matt + Donna}


I could not be more excited to share these photos from the wedding I photographed in Thailand last December.  Donna + Matt fell in love with the country, particularly the area of Krabi.  They were engaged on a beach near by and decided on Railay Bay Resort for their wedding.  Wow, what an amazing country. I cannot say enough good things about this area and truly felt a connection with the area.

The wedding started bright and early at 7:30am for the traditional Buddhist Monk and Thai Water Blessing.  During the ceremony, gifts are bestowed upon the monks – and the couples marriage is blessed.  It was so moving to hear them chant with an almost empty beach.   After, the group headed down to the beach for a water ceremony. Water is a symbol of cleansing and luck.  You can read more about the specific ceremony here.  Each guest poured water over their hands and the parents participated in their own traditions.  Absolutely beautiful and heartfelt.   The couple held their Western ceremony later that evening, which I will save for a separate blog!

thai_ceremony_01 thai_ceremony_02 thai_ceremony_03 thai_ceremony_04 thai_ceremony_05 thai_ceremony_06 thai_ceremony_07 thai_ceremony_08 thai_ceremony_09 thai_ceremony_10 thai_ceremony_11 thai_ceremony_12 thai_ceremony_13 thai_ceremony_14

Featured! Destination I Do Magazine – Thailand Wedding Photograper


I’m so excited I can finally shout from the rooftops -shortly after I photographed Donna + Matt’s wedding in Thailand it was picked up to be featured in Destination I Do‘s Winter edition!  Check out the magazine in your area starting today (there are two different covers, BTW)!  And I will be sharing the full wedding on the blog very very soon!  WooHoo!!!

IDO-7473 IDO-7485 IDO-7487 IDO-7489 IDO-7491

San Marcos Courthouse Wedding – {Nick + Pam}

 Pam was so excited about marrying her “Favorite Marine” when she contacted me a few weeks before their wedding.  Both their moms were able to fly from out of state for the ceremony!  After the necessary paperwork, they exchanged short vows and were hitched!  Then we headed over to Discovery Lake for some more photos of these two newlyweds!

San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_01 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_02 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_03 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_04 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_05 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_06 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_07 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_08 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_09 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_10 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_11 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_12 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_13 San_Marcos_Courthouse_Wedding_14

Ponte Winery wedding – {Ryan + Linda} – Photos by Mandi

Photos by Associate Photographer, Mandi Contreras 


Linda + Ryan had a gorgeous December wedding among the Fall colors at Ponte Winery.  I have never met these two personally but I can tell by the photos (and what Mandi tells me) that they are insanely in love and so at ease for the camera!  Plus their party looked like a blast!
Ponte_Winery_wedding_02 Ponte_Winery_wedding_03 Ponte_Winery_wedding_04 Ponte_Winery_wedding_05 Ponte_Winery_wedding_06 Ponte_Winery_wedding_07 Ponte_Winery_wedding_08 Ponte_Winery_wedding_09 Ponte_Winery_wedding_10 Ponte_Winery_wedding_11 Ponte_Winery_wedding_12 Ponte_Winery_wedding_13 Ponte_Winery_wedding_14 Ponte_Winery_wedding_15 Ponte_Winery_wedding_16 Ponte_Winery_wedding_17 Ponte_Winery_wedding_18 Ponte_Winery_wedding_19 Ponte_Winery_wedding_20 Ponte_Winery_wedding_21 Ponte_Winery_wedding_22 Ponte_Winery_wedding_23 Ponte_Winery_wedding_24 Ponte_Winery_wedding_25 Ponte_Winery_wedding_26 Ponte_Winery_wedding_27


Mandi is an associate photographer for Melissa McClure photography, she can be contacted directly at

Ceremony & Reception Location: Ponte Winery
Photography: Associate Photographer – Mandi Contreras
Assistant Photographer: Jamie Lawler

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