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San Diego Courthouse Wedding – {Floyd + Michael}

I was so excited to photograph my first same sex wedding! Floyd + Michael have been together for 22 years and decided to make it official in front of their daughter Lehua and good friend. We started at the Courthouse in downtown San Diego and ended up at their beautiful Del Mar home, just steps from the beach! The day was full of a lot of laughs, which I imagine is a normal occurrence in their home! same sex courthouse wedding_01 same sex courthouse wedding_02 same sex courthouse wedding_04 same sex courthouse wedding_05 same sex courthouse wedding_06 same sex courthouse wedding_07 same sex courthouse wedding_08 same sex courthouse wedding_09 same sex courthouse wedding_10 same sex courthouse wedding_11 same sex courthouse wedding_12 same sex courthouse wedding_13 same sex courthouse wedding_14

Boudoir Marathon – March 22 & 23, 2014

It’s that time again! A boudoir marathon in San Diego – sign up now to reserve your spot!


Rancho Guajome Adobe Engagement – {Sharon + Ryan}

Ryan lives in Colorado and Sharon in Riverside so we had to schedule their engagement photos when Ryan was in town. Of course on the day scheduled it was pouring rain!  We decided to wait 2 days and ended up with the most gorgeous light and sunset! It was meant to be. Planning a wedding is tough enough but when you and your significant other live in different states? That takes some good communication skills! I’m so excited for their wedding this Summer in Fallbrook! rancho guajome adobe photos01 rancho guajome adobe photos02 rancho guajome adobe photos03 rancho guajome adobe photos04 rancho guajome adobe photos05 rancho guajome adobe photos06 rancho guajome adobe photos07 rancho guajome adobe photos08 rancho guajome adobe photos09 rancho guajome adobe photos10 rancho guajome adobe photos11 rancho guajome adobe photos12

Holi Powder Engagement Shoot – {Jordan + Ryan} – Part 1

I had so many people messaging me and asking me about this shoot that I had to post a blog right away because I feel one photograph wouldn’t capture the awesomeness of the shoot! If you aren’t sure what holi powder is, a link is the best way to read about it’s history and meaning.  I was really excited to photograph this for Jordan and Ryan. We did a whole other part of an engagement session which I will share very soon on another blog.  I had no clue how this shoot would turn out since we had no experience, but I’m really happy with the images.  Enjoy the explosion of color! holi powder engagement_01

holi powder engagement_02

holi powder engagement_03

holi powder engagement_04

holi powder engagement_05

holi powder engagement_06

holi powder engagement_07

holi powder engagement_08

holi powder engagement_09

holi powder engagement_10

holi powder engagement_11

holi powder engagement_12

holi powder engagement_13

holi powder engagement_14

holi powder engagement_15

holi powder engagement_16

holi powder engagement_17

holi powder engagement_18

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