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Happy 10 Years Melissa McClure Photography!

melissa mcclure photography

10 years ago I fell in love.

10 years ago today I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and a friend/coworker trusted me to photograph her wedding. I didn’t feel comfortable charging her because I just knew it was going to be a disaster. Guess what? It wasn’t.

10 years ago today I photographed my first wedding and I have never looked back. I absolutely love photographing weddings. I had no idea it would bring me to where I am today – self-employed, living my dream, traveling the world and meeting so many amazing people. Huge thank you to everyone who believed in me back then and still to this day. My clients are absolutely amazing as are my friends and family who always believed in me.

Happy 10 years to Melissa McClure Photography what an amazing ride it has been so far!

Coincidentally, I also hit 3,000 likes yesterday! WooHoo! I promised at 3k likes, I would do something special.
Stay tuned – TOMORROW at NOON – BIG announcement coming your way! Don’t miss it! <3

Huge thanks to Laina Colgan Photography for these photos of me!

Wiens Winery Wedding – {Jeremiah + Jamie}

wiens winery wedding 01 I’m excited to share this long overdue winery wedding! I met Jamie + Jeremiah though a mutual friend who was a photographer but not able to photograph their wedding. It was a great match – we ended up hitting it off with them and even hanging out on their Honeymoon when we happened to be vacationing in St Lucia the following week! Small world. I love that Jamie surprised her groom with a bagpiper to finish off the ceremony! He was so surprised!wiens winery wedding 02 wiens winery wedding 03 wiens winery wedding 04 wiens winery wedding 05 wiens winery wedding 06 wiens winery wedding 07 wiens winery wedding 08 wiens winery wedding 09 wiens winery wedding 10 wiens winery wedding 11 wiens winery wedding 12 wiens winery wedding 13 wiens winery wedding 14 wiens winery wedding 15 wiens winery wedding 16 wiens winery wedding 17 wiens winery wedding 18 wiens winery wedding 19 wiens winery wedding 20 wiens winery wedding 21 wiens winery wedding 22Ceremony & Reception: Wiens Winery, Temecula Ca
Photography: Melissa McClure Photography
Photo Assistant: Jamie Lawler
Florist: RSVP Events Floral Studio
DJ: Brian Stodart
Bagpipes: Stephen Wilkinson

Leo Carrillo Ranch Wedding – {CJ + Gabriela}

Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 01 I’m so excited to share one of my very favorite weddings from last year! Gabi + CJ are the sweetest and I adore all their attention to detail. The bright colors and stunning florals made for quite a colorful day! Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 02 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 03 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 04 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 05 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 06 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 07 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 08 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 09 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 10 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 11 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 12 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 13 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 14 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 15 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 16 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 17 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 18 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 19 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 20 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 21 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 22 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 23 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 24 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 25 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 26 Leo Carillo Ranch Wedding 27Ceremony & Reception: Leo Carrillo Ranch, Carlsbad CA
Photography: Melissa McClure Photography
Photo Assistant: Emily Powley
Designer + Planner: Taryn with Francine Ribeau Events
Florist: Petals by Katie
DJ: Dennis with B’Entertained
Churro Cart: Churros El Tigre
Bride’s Reception Dress: Rent the Runway
Invites: Sable and Snow

Oceanside Portrait Session – {Tanner + Bex}

Bex is a friend from high school that I recently connected with again! Tanner also went to HS with us, but I never talked to him! Which is a bummer because he’s an awesome guy and wonderful hubby to Bex! They eloped and never had professional photos taken so I was stoked to take some pictures for their walls! We started at their house so their baby, Chancho could be in a few photos! After, we grabbed a cocktail at Masters Kitchen in Oceanside and then hightailed it down to the pier for sunset!TannerBecky_07 TannerBecky_14 TannerBecky_17 TannerBecky_24 TannerBecky_27 TannerBecky_48 TannerBecky_60 TannerBecky_78 TannerBecky_90

Rancho Valencia Elopement – {Jeremy + Audra}

Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 01 I’m not sure why I waited so long to blog these photos. Maybe because it was such a private celebration, I wanted to keep it that way for awhile. Purely selfish reasons. When your best friend gets married to a man so perfectly meant for her, the emotions can be overwhelming. But their story deserves to be shared. Weddings are about celebration of your love. These two chose exactly that. Intimate, joyous and personal love.

I was joined by the amazing duo, Quixotic Weddings. They captured the elopement perfectly on their video cameras. Go here to experience it that way!

Enjoy viewing my best friends wedding through my lens!Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 02 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 03 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 04 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 05 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 06 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 07 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 08 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 09 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 10 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 11 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 12 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 13 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 14 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 15 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 16 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 17 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 18 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 19 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 20 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 21 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 22 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 23 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 24

Ceremony + Reception Location: Rancho Valencia
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Florist: Organic Elements
Videographer: Quixotic Weddings
Hair: Judith D Hair & Makeup

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