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Maderas Golf Club Wedding – {Adam + Laura}

Maderas Poway wedding_01When I met Laura + Adam over a craft beer, I knew we had a good connection! I mean both Laura and I are crazy cat ladies, so of course we bonded over that. I was really looking forward to their Maderas wedding in March. The day was warm, but perfect. Love was all around in the families, friends and even the vendors! Maderas Poway wedding_02 Maderas Poway wedding_03 Maderas Poway wedding_04 Maderas Poway wedding_05 Maderas Poway wedding_06 Maderas Poway wedding_07 Maderas Poway wedding_08 Maderas Poway wedding_09 Maderas Poway wedding_10 Maderas Poway wedding_11 Maderas Poway wedding_12 Maderas Poway wedding_13 Maderas Poway wedding_14 Maderas Poway wedding_15 Maderas Poway wedding_16 Maderas Poway wedding_17 Maderas Poway wedding_18 Maderas Poway wedding_19 Maderas Poway wedding_20 Maderas Poway wedding_21 Maderas Poway wedding_22 Maderas Poway wedding_23 Maderas Poway wedding_24 Maderas Poway wedding_25 Maderas Poway wedding_26 Maderas Poway wedding_27Wedding Location: Maderas
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Wedding Planner: Molly Stark, Tres Chic Affairs
Florist: Jerri Disney
Officiant: Rev Tuttle, Vows from the Heart Ministries
Cake: Sweet Lydia’s
Hair: Lulu and Bass
Makeup: Lindsay Ann Makeup
DJ/Lighting: Injoy Entertainment
Guitar: Miles Moynier
Bride’s Dress: Here Comes the Bride

Balboa Park – Father-Daughter Portrait Session
MMP Gives Back Contest Winners – Rachael + Rudy
Normal. A word which means confirming to a standard; typical; commonplace. When you think of the traditional family, you picture a loving mom and dad, a brother and sister, and maybe even grandma and grandpa. If one had to define a normal family, that’s probably what comes to mind…though I can’t think of anyone who can say with a degree of certainty that they had a “normal” childhood. This certainly holds true for Rachael. She grew up in an extremely broken home, where her mother physically and verbally abused her as soon as she started crawling. Her mother and father fought day in and day out, and after a series of lies told by her mother, at the age of 7, Rachael‘s father, Rudy, would be forced to walk out of Rachael‘s life forever.
All the while, Rachael‘s mother continued to abuse her, until finally, she had enough, and set out to be the victor–not the victim.
Fast forward to today, Rachael, now 21, is still dealing with the repercussions of her mother’s actions, the most recent being identity theft. She had severe depression, and finally decided to reach out to her father. Now, 14 years later, Rachael has been reunited with Rudy. Every Thursday is “Dad/Daughter Day.” They have enjoyed getting to know each other, and noticing how very similar they are in looks and personality, despite their separation.
Rachael was browsing Facebook, and noticed Melissa’s post about wanting to give back to her community and supporters by providing a free mini shoot. Having worked with Melissa in the past, and with Father’s Day just around the corner, she thought it would be a wonderful gift to have some portraits captured of the two of them. (And Rudy just so happened to say what a good idea it would be to go to a studio and have pictures taken).
(from Rachael) Despite everything one goes through, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. It may be hard to see, but it’s there if you set your heart on finding it. Thank you, Melissa, for being part of that light. Your beautiful photos truly capture the love between a father and daughter. Thank you again for sharing your gifts, time, and talent with us in preserving a memory that will forever be fond in my dad’s heart, and mine.

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Los Penasquitos Canyon Engagement – {Ali + Zach}

Ali is the cousin of a friend and awesome local coordinator and I was so excited when she contacted me about engagement photos! They were looking for something with trees and nature and we decided on Los Penasquitos Canyon. It was a gorgeous morning with some cloud cover that set the mood for their romantic portraits!  AliZach_Engagement_003 AliZach_Engagement_010 AliZach_Engagement_015 AliZach_Engagement_017 AliZach_Engagement_020 AliZach_Engagement_022 AliZach_Engagement_028 AliZach_Engagement_038 AliZach_Engagement_047 AliZach_Engagement_053 AliZach_Engagement_054 AliZach_Engagement_060 AliZach_Engagement_072 AliZach_Engagement_074 AliZach_Engagement_081 AliZach_Engagement_084 AliZach_Engagement_090 AliZach_Engagement_099 AliZach_Engagement_103

Grand Tradition Arbor Terrace Wedding – {Craig + Rose}

Grand Tradition_wedding_091 I was so excited when Bethel referred this awesome couple to me. It had been years since I shot a wedding at Grand Tradition plus a Tuesday wedding on Earth Day?! Yes please! Add in Rose’s beautiful tattoos and you have a swoon-worthy wedding. Even their little one Kaden was a dancing machine (Kaden is now a big brother!). So many great details including an emotional first look and rad surprise choreographed first dance!  Grand Tradition_wedding_092 Grand Tradition_wedding_093 Grand Tradition_wedding_094 Grand Tradition_wedding_095 Grand Tradition_wedding_096 Grand Tradition_wedding_097 Grand Tradition_wedding_098 Grand Tradition_wedding_099 Grand Tradition_wedding_100 Grand Tradition_wedding_101 Grand Tradition_wedding_102 Grand Tradition_wedding_103 Grand Tradition_wedding_104 Grand Tradition_wedding_105 Grand Tradition_wedding_106 Grand Tradition_wedding_107 Grand Tradition_wedding_108 Grand Tradition_wedding_109 Grand Tradition_wedding_110 Grand Tradition_wedding_111 Grand Tradition_wedding_112 Grand Tradition_wedding_113 Grand Tradition_wedding_114 Grand Tradition_wedding_115 Grand Tradition_wedding_116 Grand Tradition_wedding_117 Grand Tradition_wedding_118 Grand Tradition_wedding_119Wedding Location: Grand Tradition, Fallbrook, CA
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Florist: Simply Adina Floral
Officiant: Ceremonies by Bethel

MMP is now offering one on one mentorships to photographers!

mentorshipI’m thrilled to announce I am offering 1 on 1 mentor sessions for wedding and portrait photography! Shoot me an email if interested! melissa@melissamcclure.com

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