September 2016 Archive

Martin Johnson House Wedding – Jeff + Alex

martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-01 I met Jeff years before when I photographed his sister Molly’s wedding. I was thrilled that he and Alex thought of me for their La Jolla nuptials! These two met while going to school at UCSD so it made sense to come back here for their wedding. The day was intimate, family oriented and their adorable pup Toby was the center of attention! Jeff and Alex are both such sweet and caring souls, I felt like part of the families! martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-02 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-03 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-04 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-05 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-06 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-07 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-08 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-09 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-10 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-11 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-12 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-13 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-14 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-15 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-16 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-17 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-18 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-19 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-20 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-21 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-22 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-23 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-24 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-25 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-26 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-27 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-28 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-29Ceremony + Reception Venue: Martin Johnson House, UCSD
Wedding Planner: Amy June Weddings and Events
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
DJ: Sage Productions

Colorful La Jolla Engagement Session – |Ashley + Ryan|

I met Ryan a few years ago at a craft beer share at his home! He was very friendly to me every time we saw each other at a beer event. During that time, he met Ashley and fell in love. I knew I would like her immediately when I met her – they are a great match! Plus she’s from the Chicago area, which I love! They are getting married next year in Chicago and I cannot wait! Ashley is a botanist (so cool!) so greenery was important as a backdrop. We met at the Torrey Pines Hilton and explored their gorgeous garden area before heading down to the beach near their home! la-jolla-engagement-session-01 la-jolla-engagement-session-02 la-jolla-engagement-session-03 la-jolla-engagement-session-04 la-jolla-engagement-session-05 la-jolla-engagement-session-06 la-jolla-engagement-session-07 la-jolla-engagement-session-08 la-jolla-engagement-session-09 la-jolla-engagement-session-10 la-jolla-engagement-session-11 la-jolla-engagement-session-12 la-jolla-engagement-session-13 la-jolla-engagement-session-14 la-jolla-engagement-session-15

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