And then I remember why I live here…


Ahhh California living…

I have a few beach sessions to blog in the next few days, but until then…

  1. Nice! Me likey:)
    Totally unrelated, but there are cherry blossom mini chinese lanterns (wow–say that ten times fast!) at Cost Plus. I just got home from there, and thought of you and Tim!
    Melissa 2.0

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  3. I LOVE Cali!!! It’s AWESOME!!

  4. Definitely love California!!!!

  5. Yup, I was raised with this view as well. Nice shot!

  6. California changed my life!
    San Diego is the best city on earth!

  7. Nataly on

    Gorgeous image! You have to love Cali!

  8. i love what you pulled from this pic.. so dramatic! it’s unreal! gotta love california =)

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