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40 Years Ago…

My parents stood barefoot in my Grandparents backyard and committed to spend the rest of their life exploring the world together.  They had no idea where they would be in even one years time but they knew they wanted to be there together.  My mom and dad mean the world to me and I want them to know how much I appreciate them and am so fortunate to be their daughter.

And explore the world they did (and still are doing!)  They split their time between Portland, OR and San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.   They have lived in and traveled most of the world.  My mom keeps a blog and right now is transcribing her journal from the 1970’s (including many drawings and slides) as they traveled across Africa, India and Asia (just to name a few places).  If you are curious, you can see her blog here.

In a strange case of irony (you know, since their only child is a wedding photographer), my parents do not have more than a few candid photos from their wedding day 40 years ago.  But here is one that I grew up looking at.  I love the joy in my moms face and my dad’s nerdy glasses!

August 23, 1970 – Torrance, CA

January 2010 – Guanajuato, Mexico

Fun Fact: My dad still wears the same gold wedding band from their wedding day – purchased at KMart for under $20!

And just because I think these are fun to share, my grandparents on their wedding days!  Check out that bouquet and that headpiece!

Left: Paternal Grandparents, Charlotte and Del McClure.  Right: Maternal Grandparents, Barbara and Jim Harlan

I love you guys!

xoxo, M

Shell 50th Wedding Anniversary

I had the pleasure to shoot a 50th Anniversary open house on Sunday June 24th. The lovely couple is my Aunt Rhonda’s (married to my mom’s brother, Dave) parents. Whew, did you follow that?

Rhonda and her family did a fantastic job decorating and setting everything up! Their last name is Shell, so the theme of shells was carried through every small detail.

Cake is from Gloria’s Bakery in Escondido. The cake was so yummy, I’m going to start referring brides to this bakery!
Beta fish were on every table!
Personalized M&Ms – what a great detail!
They had a display of their wedding, including her dress, her going away after the wedding dress, guest book, cards and photos!
My aunt Rhonda and Uncle Dave:
The happy couple feeding each other cake!

So happy after 50 years!

These are my absoultely charming Harlan boys. Jeff, Scott, Mark and Paul. My beloved cousins that I grew up with. I’m the only girl grand-daughter. Poor me 😉

Thanks to the Shell extended family for treating me as your own. I had such a fun time and was so happy to be part of the festivities!


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