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Melanie – San Diego Nature Portraits


“I reached out to Melissa in hopes of her photographing me to capture this special and symbolic time of my life. The last three years have felt, at times, like literal hell. Now, it is as if I am being rebirthed into a powerful time of femininity, grace and peace that has been in me all along, but I hadn’t fully recognized myself.

I thought I was adaptable. I thought I was flexible. I thought I was capable of making things work in any situation and that my transition from NYC to San Diego would be a breeze. I had no idea what was waiting for me on the other side of the country when I moved in 2012. The Universe had more turbulent plans for me…to help me learn the importance of embracing impermanence, forcing me to truly live in the moment, to let go of things and rid myself of attachments to people and objects.

It took me being perpetually sick, abused and transient to learn these difficult lessons and start being brutally honest with myself about what I need, desire and deserve to give and receive. Eventually, I began to surrender to whatever situation was in front of me, because as it turns out, only pain comes with resistance. Kindness is non-negotiable. Accountability is essential. Go with the flow, let it be, keep moving forward, que sera sera: These are all clichés for a reason. Life lessons are learned abundantly in real-time, if you allow them.”













Brewery Boudoir – Brewdoir!

brewery boudoir photos 01 brewery boudoir photos 02 brewery boudoir photos 03 brewery boudoir photos 04 brewery boudoir photos 05

Hottie Miss B – Military gift boudoir session

Her soldier is one lucky man!

san Diego boudoir 01 san Diego boudoir 02 san Diego boudoir 03 san Diego boudoir 04 san Diego boudoir 05 san Diego boudoir 06 san Diego boudoir 07 san Diego boudoir 08 san Diego boudoir 09 san Diego boudoir 10 san Diego boudoir 11 san Diego boudoir 12 san Diego boudoir 13

San Diego Boudoir – Stunning Mrs T


I thought today would be a good day to steam up your screen! This gorgeous bride wanted to gift her new hubby with boudoir photos – it was a success! She presented them at their wedding last month and he was more than appreciative. She totally found that inner confidence and rocked her photoshoot with me! Rawr!

San Diego Boudoir 01 San Diego Boudoir 02 San Diego Boudoir 03 San Diego Boudoir 04 San Diego Boudoir 05 San Diego Boudoir 06 San Diego Boudoir 07 San Diego Boudoir 08 San Diego Boudoir 09 San Diego Boudoir 11 San Diego Boudoir 13

Boudoir Marathon – March 22 & 23, 2014

It’s that time again! A boudoir marathon in San Diego – sign up now to reserve your spot!


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