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Bucket List Adventures: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Part two of our amazing trip to Thailand brings us to Chiang Mai, in the north. We took an overnight train from Bangkok (which was a story for another day!) Chiang Mai was a big city surrounded by gorgeous countryside. We got to have some awesome animal adventures here, including cuddling with tigers and bathing elephants.  The photos that Jason and I are in were taken by the employees, mostly as part of the package we purchased to be there.  The rest were taken by me!

Tiger Kingdom was awesome! Cuddling with tigers is something I never thought I would experience! 

Chiang_mai_01 Chiang_mai_02 Chiang_mai_03 Chiang_mai_04 Chiang_mai_05 Chiang_mai_06One of the most beautiful temples we visited, Doi Suthep, in the hills of Chiang Mai. We were there the same time as the King & Queen which was a ruckus as you can imagine.  Didn’t get to meet them though 😉

Chiang_mai_07 Chiang_mai_08 Chiang_mai_09

Chiang Mai from aboveChiang_mai_10

Patara Elephant Farm – adopted an elephant (or two for Jason) for a day!  Such a neat experience!Chiang_mai_11 Chiang_mai_12 Chiang_mai_13

Bucket List Adventures: Krabi, Thailand

In December, I had an amazing opportunity to photograph a wedding in Thailand.  It was my first trip to Asia and it certainly will not be my last!  Jason was able to join me for most of the trip and we visit 3 main areas.  I’ll be doing 3 blog posts on the trip – not including the gorgeous wedding of Donna + Matt!  Those to come at a later time (and some fun news about the photos to share in the future as well).

I spent a week in south Thailand in Krabi.  We stayed in Ao Nang and Railay Bay.  I was really sad when we left Krabi, between the daily massages, the gorgeous views and friends I made, I was ready to move there!

On the left: handmade soap at the night market. On the right: Me enjoying some young coconut water

Photos below are from the day boat trip to the Phi Phi Islands – yes the water is really that color!Thailand_wedding_photographer_237 Thailand_wedding_photographer_238 Thailand_wedding_photographer_239 Thailand_wedding_photographer_240

When a non-photographer gets ahold of your back-button focus camera!  Me & Michele…thought it was still a neat photo!Thailand_wedding_photographer_241 Thailand_wedding_photographer_242 Thailand_wedding_photographer_243

Taken at Monkey Beach, near our hotel in Ao Nang – they aren’t shy!
Thailand_wedding_photographer_244 Thailand_wedding_photographer_245

Over in Railey Bay (which is only accesible by long tail boat) – family photos of the bride + grooms immediate family!Thailand_wedding_photographer_246I’m photographing the wedding of these two (above right) in October – you’ll be seeing more of them soon enough!^^^^^

Thailand_wedding_photographer_247 Thailand_wedding_photographer_248

So that was a quick run down of my first week in Thailand (not including the wedding)!  We did so much more than I have room to share but hope you enjoyed the highlights!

Bucket List Adventures: Hot Air Ballooning!

I thought it would be fun to start a new Category on the blog called Bucket List Adventures!  You all have seen the 2007 movie The Bucket List, right?  “Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die”.  While we are fortunate to not be on the edge of death, I still enjoy the idea of having a list of things you want to do in your lifetime!  One of those things for me and Jason was to take a ride in a hot air balloon.  We got our opportunity a few Sunday’s ago and I brought along my camera to capture the beauty.  Please excuse our tired looks, we had to be at the winery in Temecula at 5am for the flight!  Whew, that was early!

It was a really fun experience!  While it’s not something I’d like to do every weekend, I could see another ride in our future…but this time at sunset! 😉

Bucket List Adventures: Ethiopia, Africa

Part three of my travel blogs, and then I’m back to the regularly scheduled blogging, I promise!  Lots of gorgeous weddingness and fun engagementness coming soon!  😉

We spent a few days in Lalibella and Gondor, Ethiopia.  Lalibella was an unreal experience!  We were there during the holiday of Maryam (Virgin Mary) and we got to witness the beautiful ceremony with dancing Priests!

The famous Lalibella cross, which was stolen a few years back.  It was a huge ordeal but was returned when the thief was caught.

12th Century paintings

After two nights in Lalibela, we went to Gondar which is the former capital.  We toured King Fasiledes’ castle, here is my mother at the castle.

Haile Selaisse’s church had amazing paintings all over, including the ceiling.

A street scene in Gondar

Bucket List Adventures: Tanzania, African Safari

When my parents and I were planning this trip to Africa, I only had two requests.  To go on an actual safari and to see Lalibella, Ethiopia (next blog!)  We chose Tanzania for the safari because it is smaller than Kenya and has less tourists.  What a beautiful country!  So green and the clouds are amazing.  I saw some gorgeous animals, up close at Lake Menyara, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.  I would highly recommend visiting Tanzania some day!

My parents, married 41 years in August!

We got the opportunity to visit a traditional Maasai Village where they welcomed us with their dancing

And I met this little cutie, Nema!

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