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Todos Santos Day before the wedding session – |Paloma + Gavin|

I hope you got a chance to look at Paloma + Gavin’s beautiful Mexico wedding in the post prior. We had not met in person so we opted to meet up the day before for a little photoshoot around the beautiful streets of Todos Santos! The colors were mind-blowing! And it was great to get these two in front of my camera for the first time! We started at our little hotel pool which Julie + I spent the whole day after the wedding relaxing!

Todos Santos Mexico Destination Wedding – |Gavin + Paloma|

todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-01I’m so excited to share this amazing Mexico destination wedding I photographed earlier this year! This couple was a referral from a sorority sister and I had so much fun meeting and getting to know Paloma and Gavin down in Mexico. I traveled to a new place – Todos Santos. Wow, the town stole my heart. Paloma and Gavin are two of the most kind-hearted and caring people I have ever met. The second we met, they treated me as a friend. I’m so lucky to have so many amazing couples!

This wedding was featured on Every Last Detail blog today too! Head on over there to see a few different images from the day!

todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-02 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-03 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-04 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-05 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-06 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-07 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-08 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-09 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-10 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-11 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-12 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-13 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-14 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-15 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-16 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-17 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-18 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-19 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-20 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-21 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-22 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-23 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-24 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-25 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-26 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-27 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-28 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-29 todos-santos-destination-wedding-mexico-30

Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography // Catering: The Groom & His Team! // Venue: The Groom’s Parents’ home // Getting Ready Venue: The Hotelito // Event Coordination: Martha Ponce // Sound/DJ: DJ Ricardo Patiño // Minister/Officiant: Richard Strozzi Heckler // Ceremony Music Antonio Castro // Chefs: Gavin Parsons (Executive chef & groom), Jake Frances (Chef de cuisine for event), Pancho & Lupe Herrera (cooks) // Flowers: Cabo Flowers // Beauty: Abigail Vegas, Aviva Salon // Cake/Dessert: Baja Beans

McMenamins Edgefield, Portland Destination Wedding – |Dan + Cailtlin|

mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-01 At my first meeting with Caitlin + Dan, I felt like we had been friends for years. We talked beer, mutual friends, ComicCon and their plans for an amazing destination wedding in Portland. I was so excited we hit it off, I love when clients turn in to friends! Plus they were getting married at a bucket list venue for me – Mcmenamins Edgefield. It’s an old Poor House turned in to a hotel with a brewery, distillery, winery & event space!

On their wedding day, it called for rain. Lots and lots and LOTS of rain. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck right? Well these two hit the good luck jackpot! Regardless of Mother Nature’s plans, they both had the biggest smiles on their faces all day long. We did a twist on the normal first look, they exchanged love letters back to back before actually seeing one another. I also love that their wedding contained just the right amount of nerd details, including both unknowingly having The Walking Dead references in their vows! And best of all, they trusted me. I made the call to wait on wedding portraits because I had a feeling we would get a break during the reception – and we did! Nothing phased these two, they were just so thrilled to be husband and wife! mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-02 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-03 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-04 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-05 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-06 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-07 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-08 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-09 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-10 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-11 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-12 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-13 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-14 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-15 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-16 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-17 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-18 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-19 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-20 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-21 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-22 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-23 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-24 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-25 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-26 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-27 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-28 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-29 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-30 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-31 mcmenamins-edgefield-portland-destination-wedding-32

Ceremony + Reception Venue: McMenamins Edgefield
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Florist: Bluebell Florals

Maui, Hawaii Trash the Dress Session – |Ozzie + Janie|

One of my favorite things to do after a destination wedding is a trash the dress session with the couple! It’s typically the next day, the nerves and stress have been lifted and they can truly enjoy just being married. Ozzie and Janie were so much fun and down for anything! We even met up with some of their guests at the Hyatt pool for some floatie fun! maui trash the dress 01 maui trash the dress 02 maui trash the dress 03 maui trash the dress 04 maui trash the dress 05 maui trash the dress 06 maui trash the dress 07 maui trash the dress 08 maui trash the dress 09 maui trash the dress 10 maui trash the dress 11 maui trash the dress 12

Maui Wedding, Olowalu Plantation House – {Brian + Melissa}

Maui Olowalu Wedding 01 I rarely get to meet my clients prior with destination weddings but Melissa + Brian made a special trip to San Diego for their engagement photos! It was fun already knowing their fun personalities at the wedding! It was pouring rain every day surrounding their wedding but the actual day was perfection. You can’t miss Brian’s strut down the aisle either – that was one excited groom! I also love how included Brian’s 3 kids were in the day! Maui Olowalu Wedding 02 Maui Olowalu Wedding 03 Maui Olowalu Wedding 04 Maui Olowalu Wedding 05 Maui Olowalu Wedding 06 Maui Olowalu Wedding 07 Maui Olowalu Wedding 08 Maui Olowalu Wedding 09 Maui Olowalu Wedding 10 Maui Olowalu Wedding 11 Maui Olowalu Wedding 12 Maui Olowalu Wedding 13 Maui Olowalu Wedding 14 Maui Olowalu Wedding 15 Maui Olowalu Wedding 16 Maui Olowalu Wedding 18 Maui Olowalu Wedding 19 Maui Olowalu Wedding 20 Maui Olowalu Wedding 21 Maui Olowalu Wedding 22 Maui Olowalu Wedding 23 Maui Olowalu Wedding 24 Maui Olowalu Wedding 25 Maui Olowalu Wedding 26 Maui Olowalu Wedding 27 Maui Olowalu Wedding 28 Maui Olowalu Wedding 29 Maui Olowalu Wedding 30

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Olowalu Plantation House
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Planning & Coordination: Cherise, The Perfect Wedding Maui
Floral Design: Sunya’s Flowers and Plants
Caterer: Food for the Soul
DJ: DJ Boomshot
Bride’s Hair: Beauty by Trisha
Bride’s Dress: House of Brides

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