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Coronado Sunset Surprise Proposal – |Shayna + Jon|

This was a special one for me – Jon and I have been colleagues and friends for more years than I can count! He booked me months in advance to be sure I could photograph his proposal to Shayna! I had never met Shayna before, so it made it that much easier to stalk them. Luckily she didn’t notice the strange woman with a camera standing behind them! Jon told Shayna that they were attending a friends vow renewal (hence the gift bag in his hand – cleverly hiding her ring) so there weren’t any questions about walking on the beach!

After what seemed like an eternity, Jon got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life! I won’t lie, tears were flowing from the photographer. 😛

Little Italy San Diego Engagement – |Jess + Joaquin|

These two are getting hitched tomorrow so I wanted to share their engagement session from last month before the big day! Jess + Joaquin wanted something a little funky and different for their session and when she mentioned Day of the Dead I immediately thought of the funky area of Little Italy around El Camino restaurant. Plus we shot this on Halloween so that was extra fun! I just love all the colors and textures of this neighborhood! jjengagement_003 jjengagement_011 jjengagement_022 jjengagement_033 jjengagement_042 jjengagement_051 jjengagement_056 jjengagement_067 jjengagement_077 jjengagement_079 jjengagement_101 jjengagement_114 jjengagement_119 jjengagement_125

Colorful La Jolla Engagement Session – |Ashley + Ryan|

I met Ryan a few years ago at a craft beer share at his home! He was very friendly to me every time we saw each other at a beer event. During that time, he met Ashley and fell in love. I knew I would like her immediately when I met her – they are a great match! Plus she’s from the Chicago area, which I love! They are getting married next year in Chicago and I cannot wait! Ashley is a botanist (so cool!) so greenery was important as a backdrop. We met at the Torrey Pines Hilton and explored their gorgeous garden area before heading down to the beach near their home! la-jolla-engagement-session-01 la-jolla-engagement-session-02 la-jolla-engagement-session-03 la-jolla-engagement-session-04 la-jolla-engagement-session-05 la-jolla-engagement-session-06 la-jolla-engagement-session-07 la-jolla-engagement-session-08 la-jolla-engagement-session-09 la-jolla-engagement-session-10 la-jolla-engagement-session-11 la-jolla-engagement-session-12 la-jolla-engagement-session-13 la-jolla-engagement-session-14 la-jolla-engagement-session-15

South Park Engagement – |Jessica + Ryan|

I had so much fun with Jessica + Ryan! We decided to do their session in their favorite neighborhood, South Park. They spent a lot of time here until Ryan had to move to the East Coast for work. He was in town for Comic Con so we made the shoot happen in a short amount of time! Jessica is the sister of one of my good friends so it was fun getting to know her in real life rather than seeing her through her sister’s Facebook! We laughed a ton, they prepped me for my first Comic Con experience, had some delicious chocolate and just had a blast. JessicaRyanEngagement_011 JessicaRyanEngagement_019 JessicaRyanEngagement_034 JessicaRyanEngagement_045 JessicaRyanEngagement_047 JessicaRyanEngagement_050 JessicaRyanEngagement_066 JessicaRyanEngagement_071 JessicaRyanEngagement_077 JessicaRyanEngagement_088 JessicaRyanEngagement_095 JessicaRyanEngagement_098 JessicaRyanEngagement_108 JessicaRyanEngagement_131 JessicaRyanEngagement_165

La Jolla Engagement – |Kelly + Adam|

I was really excited to hang out with Kelly and Adam and explore a few new spots in La Jolla! Even though we didn’t find the elusive secret swings, we did find some killer views! And their pups joined us at the end of the shoot and were some of the most well behaved dogs I’ve photographed! KellyAdam_engagement_014 KellyAdam_engagement_029 KellyAdam_engagement_033 KellyAdam_engagement_036 KellyAdam_engagement_042 KellyAdam_engagement_058 KellyAdam_engagement_060 KellyAdam_engagement_069 KellyAdam_engagement_075 KellyAdam_engagement_078 KellyAdam_engagement_090 KellyAdam_engagement_096 KellyAdam_engagement_105 KellyAdam_engagement_106 KellyAdam_engagement_112 KellyAdam_engagement_114 KellyAdam_engagement_126 KellyAdam_engagement_132 KellyAdam_engagement_139 KellyAdam_engagement_151

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