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Windansea Engagement Session by Mandi – {Megan + Korey}

Photos by Associate Photographer, Mandi Contreras

Love these beach engagement pictures Mandi shot with her clients! How perfect is the timing of the bird?!
KM_04 MeganKorey_010 MeganKorey_013 MeganKorey_016 MeganKorey_049 MeganKorey_063 MeganKorey_064 MeganKorey_104 MeganKorey_111 MeganKorey_119 MeganKorey_127 MeganKorey_134Se

Ponte Winery wedding – {Ryan + Linda} – Photos by Mandi

Photos by Associate Photographer, Mandi Contreras 


Linda + Ryan had a gorgeous December wedding among the Fall colors at Ponte Winery.  I have never met these two personally but I can tell by the photos (and what Mandi tells me) that they are insanely in love and so at ease for the camera!  Plus their party looked like a blast!
Ponte_Winery_wedding_02 Ponte_Winery_wedding_03 Ponte_Winery_wedding_04 Ponte_Winery_wedding_05 Ponte_Winery_wedding_06 Ponte_Winery_wedding_07 Ponte_Winery_wedding_08 Ponte_Winery_wedding_09 Ponte_Winery_wedding_10 Ponte_Winery_wedding_11 Ponte_Winery_wedding_12 Ponte_Winery_wedding_13 Ponte_Winery_wedding_14 Ponte_Winery_wedding_15 Ponte_Winery_wedding_16 Ponte_Winery_wedding_17 Ponte_Winery_wedding_18 Ponte_Winery_wedding_19 Ponte_Winery_wedding_20 Ponte_Winery_wedding_21 Ponte_Winery_wedding_22 Ponte_Winery_wedding_23 Ponte_Winery_wedding_24 Ponte_Winery_wedding_25 Ponte_Winery_wedding_26 Ponte_Winery_wedding_27


Mandi is an associate photographer for Melissa McClure photography, she can be contacted directly at

Ceremony & Reception Location: Ponte Winery
Photography: Associate Photographer – Mandi Contreras
Assistant Photographer: Jamie Lawler

Balboa Park Engagement Session – {Emily + Peter}

 Photos by Associate Photographer, Mandi Contreras

Oh my gosh, how adorable are Peter and Emily!  Emily had a ton of cute ideas for her Save the Date card and brought along her own props!  Mandi and the lovebirds found some awesome spots in Balboa Park to shoot these engagements!  This session was also featured on Urban Style Wedding Network – check it out here!BalboaPark_engagement_01 BalboaPark_engagement_02 BalboaPark_engagement_03 BalboaPark_engagement_04 BalboaPark_engagement_05 BalboaPark_engagement_06 BalboaPark_engagement_07 BalboaPark_engagement_08 BalboaPark_engagement_09 BalboaPark_engagement_10 BalboaPark_engagement_11 BalboaPark_engagement_12 BalboaPark_engagement_13 BalboaPark_engagement_14 BalboaPark_engagement_15 BalboaPark_engagement_16 BalboaPark_engagement_17 BalboaPark_engagement_18

Mandi is an associate photographer for Melissa McClure photography, she can be contacted directly at

Torrey Pines Engagement Session with Mandi – {Linda + Ryan}



Photos by Associate Photographer, Mandi Contreras

Linda + Ryan are so adorable and so playful with each other!  You can just tell they are head over heels for each other!  I can’t wait to share their wine-themed Ponte Winery wedding with you all!

beach_engagement_01 beach_engagement_02 beach_engagement_03 beach_engagement_04 beach_engagement_05 beach_engagement_06 beach_engagement_07 beach_engagement_08 beach_engagement_09 beach_engagement_10 beach_engagement_11 beach_engagement_12 beach_engagement_13 beach_engagement_14 beach_engagement_15 beach_engagement_16

Mandi is an associate photographer for Melissa McClure photography, she can be contacted directly at

An “Up” Themed Hilton Mission Valley Wedding – {Darrell + Ana} – Photos by Mandi

Photos by Associate Photographer, Mandi Contreras

When I heard this wedding was going to have a the theme from the Disney movie Up – I was stoked to see the photos!  Ana, Darrell, Brenda & her crew from Swann Soirees did not disappoint!  Such a lovely, colorful day!  I adore the different colored shoes on the girls and that bouquet – OMG!  Swoon!

This wedding has also been featured on Ceremony Magazine’s blog!  Awesome!

san_diego_wedding_02 san_diego_wedding_03 san_diego_wedding_04 san_diego_wedding_05 san_diego_wedding_06 san_diego_wedding_07 san_diego_wedding_08 san_diego_wedding_09 san_diego_wedding_10 san_diego_wedding_11 san_diego_wedding_12 san_diego_wedding_13 san_diego_wedding_14 san_diego_wedding_15 san_diego_wedding_16 san_diego_wedding_17 san_diego_wedding_18 san_diego_wedding_19 san_diego_wedding_20 san_diego_wedding_21 san_diego_wedding_22 san_diego_wedding_23 san_diego_wedding_24 san_diego_wedding_25 san_diego_wedding_26 san_diego_wedding_27

Ceremony Location: St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Poway
Reception Location: Hilton San Diego Mission Valley
Photography: Associate Photographer – Mandi Contreras
Coordinator: Swann Soirées
Entertainment: DJ Bill Calhoun
Videographer: Wedding Tales Videography
Hair & Makeup: Jellis Faces
Florist: Tessfresh

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