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Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Bali Hai, Shelter Island Wedding – |Michaela + Stuart|

This was one of those rare weddings where I didn’t meet the couple prior, since they live in Northern California! I actually didn’t really have much communication at all, since their amazing planner Courtney from After the Engagement had everything under control! It was kind of fun, getting to know them that day and learning their fun personalities! Michaela was the epitome of calm. Playing with her pup, laughing with her girls. She was classy and collected. I loved her non traditional dress and bright red bouquets! And of course you know I was obsessed with her red lips!

During the ceremony, it started to sprinkle which with most couples, might freak them out. But these two were thrilled and it took it as a sign of Stuart’s late mother giving her blessing. Stuart also surprised Michaela with the wedding band she lusted after but was told she couldn’t have. I loved knowing the surprise was coming and seeing her shocked reaction.  The entire day was laughter, joking around and lots of beautiful light!  Ceremony + Reception Venue: Bali Hai Restaurant
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Wedding Planner: Courtney, After the Engagement
DJ: Matt Phipps, Choice Entertainment
Photobooth: Union Photobooth
Florist: Flowers of Point Loma
Makeup: Beauty by Gerine
Cake: European Cake Gallery
Linens/Lighting: Concepts Event Design

Hyatt Regency Maui Destination Wedding – |Ozzie + Janie|

Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 01 If you spend more than 10 seconds with Janie you will discover her gregarious personality. The girl loves to smile and laugh. Ozzie is her perfect puzzle piece. While a bit more reserved than Janie (ok everyone is more reserved than Janie) he is still the life of the party, immediately welcoming into his circle and the first to laugh at Janie’s jokes. They just fit.

This one was special since I’ve known them for a couple years now. The easiest way to put it is that Janie + I share a best friend (Danielle). Who also helped coordinate this wedding. When I heard Janie + Ozzie were thinking Hawaii I was so excited. The whole day went so great. It was REALLY hot and humid but that didn’t stop anyone from dancing the night away. One of my favorite memories is when Danielle surprised Janie with a blow up dolphin during the reception. Janie’s love for dolphins is ALMOST as big as her love for Ozzie.  Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 02 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 03 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 04 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 05 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 06 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 07 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 08 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 09 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 10 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 11 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 12 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 13 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 14 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 15 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 16 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 17 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 18 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 19 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 20 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 21 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 22 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 23 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 24 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 25 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 26 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 27 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 28

Ceremony Venue: Sacred Hearts Mission Church
Reception Venue: Hyatt Regency Maui
Wedding Planner: Danielle with Ballroom Glitz
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Brides Dress: St Pucchi
Hair: HJP Salon
MakeUp: Camiko Makeup by Camille
DJ: Barefoot Minded Entertainment
Florals: Dellables
Signage: Miss B Calligraphy
Transportation: Hawaii Executive Transportation
Cake: Cake Fanatics Maui

Rancho Valencia Elopement – {Jeremy + Audra}

Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 01 I’m not sure why I waited so long to blog these photos. Maybe because it was such a private celebration, I wanted to keep it that way for awhile. Purely selfish reasons. When your best friend gets married to a man so perfectly meant for her, the emotions can be overwhelming. But their story deserves to be shared. Weddings are about celebration of your love. These two chose exactly that. Intimate, joyous and personal love.

I was joined by the amazing duo, Quixotic Weddings. They captured the elopement perfectly on their video cameras. Go here to experience it that way!

Enjoy viewing my best friends wedding through my lens!Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 02 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 03 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 04 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 05 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 06 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 07 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 08 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 09 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 10 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 11 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 12 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 13 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 14 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 15 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 16 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 17 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 18 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 19 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 20 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 21 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 22 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 23 Rancho Valencia Wedding Photos 24

Ceremony + Reception Location: Rancho Valencia
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Florist: Organic Elements
Videographer: Quixotic Weddings
Hair: Judith D Hair & Makeup

San Marcos Courthouse Wedding – {Justin + Ngoc}

 I love shooting elopements, there’s something different and exciting about them.  The people closest to you in life are there (sometimes) and it’s about you, your significant other and your vows. And just like that…you are married!  I met Justin + Ngoc at the County Recorders office and after we headed over to Lakeview Park for some more photos!  It was fun getting to know them and their story of long distance love (Ngoc moved here to be with Justin 2 months ago after 5 years of being together!)  Congrats you two!  I wish you nothing but happiness in your life together!

Ngoc’s stunning bouquet is by the talented Floral Palette! 2013-05-30_0008













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