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La Jolla Engagement – |Kelly + Adam|

I was really excited to hang out with Kelly and Adam and explore a few new spots in La Jolla! Even though we didn’t find the elusive secret swings, we did find some killer views! And their pups joined us at the end of the shoot and were some of the most well behaved dogs I’ve photographed! KellyAdam_engagement_014 KellyAdam_engagement_029 KellyAdam_engagement_033 KellyAdam_engagement_036 KellyAdam_engagement_042 KellyAdam_engagement_058 KellyAdam_engagement_060 KellyAdam_engagement_069 KellyAdam_engagement_075 KellyAdam_engagement_078 KellyAdam_engagement_090 KellyAdam_engagement_096 KellyAdam_engagement_105 KellyAdam_engagement_106 KellyAdam_engagement_112 KellyAdam_engagement_114 KellyAdam_engagement_126 KellyAdam_engagement_132 KellyAdam_engagement_139 KellyAdam_engagement_151

Los Angeles Engagement session – |Karina + Javier|

Karina found me after coming across my name looking for a caterer for her wedding. Since then she’s been my #1 fan. She is always so encouraging and kind. She and Javier met at work the rest is history. I drove up to LA – near where they live – to check out some spots that Karina had picked out. They were awesome! I’ve always wanted to shoot at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. We ended the session at sunset at the Santa Monica pier! Los Angeles engagement 01 Los Angeles engagement 02 Los Angeles engagement 03 Los Angeles engagement 04 Los Angeles engagement 05 Los Angeles engagement 07 Los Angeles engagement 08 Los Angeles engagement 09 Los Angeles engagement 10 Los Angeles engagement 11 Los Angeles engagement 12 Los Angeles engagement 13 Los Angeles engagement 14 Los Angeles engagement 15 Los Angeles engagement 16 Los Angeles engagement 17

Long Beach Engagement Session – |Kelsey + Paul|

When I wanted to start in photography a wonderful woman named Michele took me under her wing. We became fast friends and she is still a very important part of my life. Little did I know that 10+ years later I’d be photographing her eldest daughters wedding! I’m so happy for Kelsey + Paul – they are super hilarious and adorable together. Just hanging around them put me in such a good mood. We headed to the spot where they met and lived in Long Beach. I love getting out of town and shooting in different spots! Long Beach engagement 01 Long Beach engagement 02 Long Beach engagement 03 Long Beach engagement 04 Long Beach engagement 05 Long Beach engagement 06 Long Beach engagement 07 Long Beach engagement 08 Long Beach engagement 09 Long Beach engagement 10 Long Beach engagement 11 Long Beach engagement 12

Denver Engagement Session – |Amanda + Matt|

Oh I’m so excited to share these! I met Amanda on a local photographer’s Facebook group. We had chatted quite a bit about our own wedding planning and our unique details (can’t give away too much before the big day!) Little did I know that I would get to meet her for the first time (and her very sweet fiance Matt) at their engagement shoot in Denver! And the next time I see them will be their August wedding! We had a total blast exploring downtown Denver, chatting about beer, photography and just about everything else! It’s always nerve-wracking to photograph another photographer but Amanda was so sweet and complimentary – especially when she saw their photos. I can’t wait to hang out with these two again very soon!
downtown denver engagement session 001 downtown denver engagement session 002 downtown denver engagement session 003 downtown denver engagement session 004 downtown denver engagement session 005 downtown denver engagement session 006 downtown denver engagement session 007 downtown denver engagement session 008 downtown denver engagement session 009 downtown denver engagement session 010 downtown denver engagement session 011 downtown denver engagement session 012 downtown denver engagement session 013 downtown denver engagement session 014 downtown denver engagement session 015 downtown denver engagement session 016 downtown denver engagement session 017 downtown denver engagement session 018 downtown denver engagement session 019 downtown denver engagement session 020

Encinitas Engagement Session – |Shannon + Mike|

A little over two years ago, a boisterous chick with bright pink lipstick shimmied her way over to our table. I was taken with her immediately. A chance meeting the following day at a Tristan Prettyman concert sealed our #instantbff friendship. I’m thrilled to stand up next to her in her wedding to Mike in August.  Mike is the yang to her yin. The peanut butter to hear brightly colored jelly. They could not be more different yet a more perfect match. I won’t be able to photograph their wedding (Go Pro in my bouquet maybe?) but I was thrilled to take their engagement photos! We stuck close to where they live and ended at the beach where Mike proposed! Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 01 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 02 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 03 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 04 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 05 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 06 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 07 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 08 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 09 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 10 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 11 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 12 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 13 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 14 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 15 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 16 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 17 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 18 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 19in

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