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Balboa Park Engagement – |Lisa + Addison|

Lisa + Addison wanted to include their 3 pups in their engagement session and they were so adorable! The three of us bonded over craft beer so it was only natural to grab one at Panama 66 in Balboa Park. That set the mood for the fun and romantic shoot around the park! Balboa Park Engagement 01 Balboa Park Engagement 02 Balboa Park Engagement 03 Balboa Park Engagement 04 Balboa Park Engagement 05 Balboa Park Engagement 06 Balboa Park Engagement 07 Balboa Park Engagement 08 Balboa Park Engagement 09 Balboa Park Engagement 10 Balboa Park Engagement 11 Balboa Park Engagement 12 Balboa Park Engagement 13 Balboa Park Engagement 14 Balboa Park Engagement 15

Pasadena Engagement Session – |Mary Kate + Taylor|

I truly feel all engagement photoshoots should start with craft beer! 😉 Mary Kate and Taylor introduced me to an awesome beer bar called Lucky Baldwins. We spent some time chatting and drinking before walking around Pasadena. I hadn’t been there in many years so it was fun to see how much it has grown! We ended at the gorgeous City Hall which had endless back drops to photograph! Pasadena City Hall Engagement 01 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 02 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 03 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 04 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 05 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 06 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 07 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 08 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 09 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 10 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 11 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 12 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 13 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 14 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 15 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 16 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 17 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 18 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 19

Disneyland Engagement Photos – {Kristen + Andrew}

This Summer has been the Summer of humidity! The day we shot at Disneyland ended up being one of the warmest days! These two were total troopers! Plus the breaks for a dole whip and a cold beer helped! I loved their energy and playfulness together! Disneyland Engagement 01 Disneyland Engagement 02 Disneyland Engagement 03 Disneyland Engagement 04 Disneyland Engagement 05 Disneyland Engagement 06 Disneyland Engagement 07 Disneyland Engagement 08 Disneyland Engagement 09 Disneyland Engagement 10 Disneyland Engagement 11 Disneyland Engagement 12 Disneyland Engagement 13 Disneyland Engagement 14 Disneyland Engagement 15 Disneyland Engagement 16

Torrey Pines Engagement – {Stella + Nathanial}

Stella + Nate drove out from Palm Springs for their beach engagement session and we were treated to a perfect night! Of course, it poured rain the rest of the weekend!  I can’t wait for their December wedding in Palm Springs!!

StellaNate_Engagement_001 StellaNate_Engagement_043 StellaNate_Engagement_051 StellaNate_Engagement_058 StellaNate_Engagement_086 StellaNate_Engagement_125 StellaNate_Engagement_129 StellaNate_Engagement_135

Old Town + Torrey Pines Engagement – {Michele + Frank}

These two love to laugh! It’s evident by the photos from their Old Town San Diego and Torrey Pines engagement photos. They had their first date in Old Town, their first kiss and their proposal. Of course we had to go back to the very spot it all happened! We ended at the gorgeous beach with beautiful pink skies! They are getting married in just about 1 month! Woohoo!
MicheleFrank_Engagement_021 MicheleFrank_Engagement_031 MicheleFrank_Engagement_043 MicheleFrank_Engagement_048 MicheleFrank_Engagement_081 MicheleFrank_Engagement_089 MicheleFrank_Engagement_115 MicheleFrank_Engagement_121 MicheleFrank_Engagement_147 MicheleFrank_Engagement_156

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