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Denver Engagement Session – |Amanda + Matt|

Oh I’m so excited to share these! I met Amanda on a local photographer’s Facebook group. We had chatted quite a bit about our own wedding planning and our unique details (can’t give away too much before the big day!) Little did I know that I would get to meet her for the first time (and her very sweet fiance Matt) at their engagement shoot in Denver! And the next time I see them will be their August wedding! We had a total blast exploring downtown Denver, chatting about beer, photography and just about everything else! It’s always nerve-wracking to photograph another photographer but Amanda was so sweet and complimentary – especially when she saw their photos. I can’t wait to hang out with these two again very soon!
downtown denver engagement session 001 downtown denver engagement session 002 downtown denver engagement session 003 downtown denver engagement session 004 downtown denver engagement session 005 downtown denver engagement session 006 downtown denver engagement session 007 downtown denver engagement session 008 downtown denver engagement session 009 downtown denver engagement session 010 downtown denver engagement session 011 downtown denver engagement session 012 downtown denver engagement session 013 downtown denver engagement session 014 downtown denver engagement session 015 downtown denver engagement session 016 downtown denver engagement session 017 downtown denver engagement session 018 downtown denver engagement session 019 downtown denver engagement session 020

Encinitas Engagement Session – |Shannon + Mike|

A little over two years ago, a boisterous chick with bright pink lipstick shimmied her way over to our table. I was taken with her immediately. A chance meeting the following day at a Tristan Prettyman concert sealed our #instantbff friendship. I’m thrilled to stand up next to her in her wedding to Mike in August.  Mike is the yang to her yin. The peanut butter to hear brightly colored jelly. They could not be more different yet a more perfect match. I won’t be able to photograph their wedding (Go Pro in my bouquet maybe?) but I was thrilled to take their engagement photos! We stuck close to where they live and ended at the beach where Mike proposed! Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 01 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 02 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 03 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 04 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 05 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 06 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 07 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 08 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 09 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 10 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 11 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 12 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 13 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 14 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 15 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 16 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 17 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 18 Encinitas Leucadia engagement session 19in

Underwater Engagement Session – |Gaby + Khari|

This is a special one. Gaby and Khari met when they were only 13 years old. One week later, Gaby, an avid competitive swimmer, jumped in to the shallow end of a pool head first and her whole world changed. Her new friend Khari spent time with her in the hospital. They kept in touch off and on over the next couple years while Gaby was adjusting to life in a wheelchair. When Gaby needed a date to her senior prom, she remembered the cute boy who was there for her through a rough time. They have been together ever since! They are getting married TODAY at a beach in Malibu.

Gaby and Khari are so sweet together. Gaby is still in her wheelchair most of the time but as an incomplete quadriplegic she is able to stand and even walk with lots of help. Help that Khari is happy to provide. As I mentioned, Gaby is an avid swimmer and still is. They do weekly pool therapy so it was only natural to end their engagement session in their very own pool! It was my first time shooting an engagement session in a pool but I’m so thrilled to share that with these two. I couldn’t think of a better suited couple. I’m so excited to photograph their wedding today.

GabyKhari_Engagement_004 GabyKhari_Engagement_029 GabyKhari_Engagement_035 GabyKhari_Engagement_050 GabyKhari_Engagement_053 GabyKhari_Engagement_058 GabyKhari_Engagement_064 GabyKhari_Engagement_068 GabyKhari_Engagement_076 GabyKhari_Engagement_084 GabyKhari_Engagement_089 GabyKhari_Engagement_093 GabyKhari_Engagement_100 GabyKhari_Engagement_117 GabyKhari_Engagement_118 GabyKhari_Engagement_122 GabyKhari_Engagement_134 GabyKhari_Engagement_139 GabyKhari_Engagement_142 GabyKhari_Engagement_148

Portland Engagement Session – |Melodee + Ryan|

Ryan is the head brewer for Barrel Mountain Brewery in Battle Ground, WA so I was stoked to be able to start the engagement session on his home turf with a beer! Jason and I had a blast going all over Vancouver and Portland with these two – always with a beer in our hands!

Melodee’s gorgeous makeup by Whitney StassiPortland brewery Engagement session 01 Portland brewery Engagement session 02 Portland brewery Engagement session 03 Portland brewery Engagement session 04 Portland brewery Engagement session 05 Portland brewery Engagement session 06 Portland brewery Engagement session 07 Portland brewery Engagement session 08 Portland brewery Engagement session 09 Portland brewery Engagement session 10 Portland brewery Engagement session 11 Portland brewery Engagement session 12 Portland brewery Engagement session 13 Portland brewery Engagement session 14 Portland brewery Engagement session 15 Portland brewery Engagement session 16

Long Beach Engagement Session – |Drew + Samantha|

Samantha + Drew live in Arizona but came back to So Cal for their engagement session with me. We met in Sam’s hometown of Long Beach and I found some new awesome areas I didn’t know existed! Like, who had any idea there was a rad lighthouse right near downtown!? Too cool. I simply cannot wait to see these two again at their wedding in March! Long Beach Engagement Photos 01 Long Beach Engagement Photos 02 Long Beach Engagement Photos 03 Long Beach Engagement Photos 04 Long Beach Engagement Photos 05 Long Beach Engagement Photos 06 Long Beach Engagement Photos 07 Long Beach Engagement Photos 08 Long Beach Engagement Photos 09 Long Beach Engagement Photos 10 Long Beach Engagement Photos 11 Long Beach Engagement Photos 12 Long Beach Engagement Photos 13 Long Beach Engagement Photos 14 Long Beach Engagement Photos 15 Long Beach Engagement Photos 16 Long Beach Engagement Photos 17 Long Beach Engagement Photos 18 Long Beach Engagement Photos 19

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