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Los Penasquitos Canyon Engagement – {Ali + Zach}

Ali is the cousin of a friend and awesome local coordinator and I was so excited when she contacted me about engagement photos! They were looking for something with trees and nature and we decided on Los Penasquitos Canyon. It was a gorgeous morning with some cloud cover that set the mood for their romantic portraits!  AliZach_Engagement_003 AliZach_Engagement_010 AliZach_Engagement_015 AliZach_Engagement_017 AliZach_Engagement_020 AliZach_Engagement_022 AliZach_Engagement_028 AliZach_Engagement_038 AliZach_Engagement_047 AliZach_Engagement_053 AliZach_Engagement_054 AliZach_Engagement_060 AliZach_Engagement_072 AliZach_Engagement_074 AliZach_Engagement_081 AliZach_Engagement_084 AliZach_Engagement_090 AliZach_Engagement_099 AliZach_Engagement_103

Pacific Beach Proposal – {Christina + Nate}

I love love love shooting proposals! An unsuspecting girlfriend, a planner boyfriend – soon to be fiance. It’s such a happy moment and I adore capturing the memory for the couple!

Nate contacted me a few days before it all went down. He was planning to propose to his girlfriend of 8 years, Christina. They were celebrating their anniversary by staying at Tower 23 hotel in Pacific Beach. He wanted to propose over dessert at the amazing restaurant JRDN. I recruited my assistant Katrina to be my date at the restaurant. We showed up a few minutes before the couple and sat down for a beer to wait. We spied on them through the windows, they were seated outside (in the cold!) and we were inside. We were in-cahoots with their waitress (and the rest of the amazing staff of JRDN) and they sat us as Nate + Christina were finishing their entrees. We pretended to browse the menu while I had my camera on my lap ready to go! I saw the dessert coming out and knew it was showtime!

Christina first saw the dessert plate which stated Nate’s intention. She was shocked. Truly shocked. And I kept clicking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man as happy as Nate in that exact moment. It was amazing. After they finished dessert, we headed to the beach for a few engagement style photos of the newly engaged!
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Los Angeles Engagement Photos – {Jeff + Alex}

I was so excited when Jeff contacted me about his wedding. I had photographed his sisters wedding a few years prior and fell in love with the family! I was thrilled to meet Alex as well. They just mesh so well together. We shot their engagement session in areas they like to frequent near their LA home. It was fun, a new location for me, I had never been to Abbot Kinney or Santa Monica Pier! And of course their absolutely adorable Toby joined us for some photos. Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?! JeffAlex_Engagement_002 JeffAlex_Engagement_013 JeffAlex_Engagement_022 JeffAlex_Engagement_029 JeffAlex_Engagement_035 JeffAlex_Engagement_040 JeffAlex_Engagement_044 JeffAlex_Engagement_047 JeffAlex_Engagement_064 JeffAlex_Engagement_099 JeffAlex_Engagement_111 JeffAlex_Engagement_118 JeffAlex_Engagement_122 JeffAlex_Engagement_139 JeffAlex_Engagement_147 JeffAlex_Engagement_158

San Diego Zoo Engagement Photography – {Lindsey + Anthony}

I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore these two. Anthony + I met at a beer release many years ago, we were standing together in line. We started chatting and realized we were both photographers! It was a fast friendship with him and Lindsey after that. When they got engaged, I kept my fingers crossed until they contacted me! 😉 Their wedding will be so much fun!

They love spending time at the San Diego Zoo, so it was an obvious choice for their engagement session. After, we went and grabbed a beer at the new craft brew establishment in Balboa Park – Panama66. LA_Engagement_014 LA_Engagement_022 LA_Engagement_024 LA_Engagement_040 LA_Engagement_047 LA_Engagement_052 LA_Engagement_067 LA_Engagement_070 LA_Engagement_074 LA_Engagement_084 LA_Engagement_086 LA_Engagement_105 LA_Engagement_111 LA_Engagement_117

Solana Beach Engagment Photos – {Erin + Michael}

Michael and Erin met training for a marathon. How cool is that?! I love that they incorporated their marathon jackets from when they were engaged! I can’t wait to share their wedding with their awesome running details soon! Fletcher Cove engagement photos 01 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 02 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 03 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 04 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 05 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 06 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 07 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 08 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 09 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 10 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 11 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 12 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 13 Fletcher Cove engagement photos 14

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