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Encinitas Beach Holi Powder Engagement – {Sara + Ben}

Sara brought up the idea of playing with holi powder on the beach and I loved the idea! It ended up being quite windy which we didn’t account for! But they still got quite messy and the seagulls had their fun!
SaraBen_Engagement_012 SaraBen_Engagement_019 SaraBen_Engagement_021 SaraBen_Engagement_037 SaraBen_Engagement_040 SaraBen_Engagement_051 SaraBen_Engagement_065 SaraBen_Engagement_073 SaraBen_Engagement_088 SaraBen_Engagement_165 SaraBen_Engagement_179 SaraBen_Engagement_185 SaraBen_Engagement_190 SaraBen_Engagement_195 SaraBen_Engagement_198 SaraBen_Engagement_207

La Jolla Engagement Session – {Julia + Christian}

I absolutely love shooting engagement pictures at the Estancia in La Jolla! I was so happy when Julia + Christian suggested it. We headed to Windansea after to catch the gorgeous sunset.

La Jolla engagement photos 01 La Jolla engagement photos 02 La Jolla engagement photos 03 La Jolla engagement photos 04 La Jolla engagement photos 05 La Jolla engagement photos 06 La Jolla engagement photos 07 La Jolla engagement photos 08 La Jolla engagement photos 09 La Jolla engagement photos 10 La Jolla engagement photos 11

Los Angeles Engagement Photos – {Courtney + Drew}

Courtney + Drew are so stinkin’ adorable together! We had a blast exploring the UCLA campus and grabbing a beer near by. They traveled all the way from Arizona for their session with me! Can’t wait for their October wedding in Palm Springs!
CourtneyDrew_Engagement_005 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_009 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_014 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_021 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_034 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_041 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_043 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_046 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_062 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_064 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_099 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_102 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_120 CourtneyDrew_Engagement_137

Chicago and San Diego cross country Engagement – {Sara + Steven}


From the very first meeting with Sara + Steven, everything just fell in to place! They mentioned it would be cool to do engagement photos in both their hometowns – Chicago and San Diego. Well it just so happened I was going to be in Chicago the same time they were! So we planned a cross country engagement session for these two! How fun is that? The first half is from our time in Chicago and the 2nd half is from Coronado! Oh and I don’t think it needs mentioning but these two are huge Blackhawks fans – so of course we had to shoot at the United Center! I’m so excited for their July wedding this year (in CA)!
Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 01 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 02 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 03 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 04 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 05 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 06 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 07 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 08 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 09 Meanwhile back in Cali… Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 10 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 11 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 12 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 13 Chicago to San Diego engagement photos 14

Carlsbad Engagement Photos – {Kristin + Nick}

Kristin + I met online though our sorority Facebook group! We didn’t go to the same college but are both Sigma Kappas. They were looking for an engagement photographer only, since they are getting married in Virgina and already have a photographer there! I loved showing them some of my favorite spots in Carlsbad for photos!
Carlsbad engagement photos 01 Carlsbad engagement photos 02 Carlsbad engagement photos 03 Carlsbad engagement photos 04 Carlsbad engagement photos 05 Carlsbad engagement photos 06 Carlsbad engagement photos 07 Carlsbad engagement photos 08 Carlsbad engagement photos 09 Carlsbad engagement photos 10 Carlsbad engagement photos 11 Carlsbad engagement photos 12 Carlsbad engagement photos 13

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