San Diego Sailboat Engagement Session – {Dana + Lake}

I’m soooooooooooo excited to finally share this shoot!  When Dana + Lake mentioned they owned a boat and would I mind taking their photos on it – I pretty much peed my pants. Ok not really, but it was a close call.   I love new adventures!  And I won’t lie -it was an adventure!  You see, sailboats have to be sailed…I know, right?  They totally rocked it out between taking breaks for actually sailing the boat!  I’m so in love with these images!

Monderly Wed also loved them, so much that they are featured over there today!  WOOT!

Thanks to Dana + Lake for the awesome opportunity!

sailboat_engagement_01 sailboat_engagement_02 sailboat_engagement_03 sailboat_engagement_04 sailboat_engagement_05 sailboat_engagement_06 sailboat_engagement_07 sailboat_engagement_08 sailboat_engagement_09 sailboat_engagement_10 sailboat_engagement_11 sailboat_engagement_12 sailboat_engagement_13 sailboat_engagement_14 sailboat_engagement_15 sailboat_engagement_16 sailboat_engagement_17

  1. Becky on

    These are SO FUN! Great job!

  2. Dani on

    WOWOWOW! These are some of your best photos yet, Mel! It’s like a Scrolldown win because I was loving the first photos you posted, and then I got to the boat ones and they just kept getting better!

  3. Helena on


  4. Lori on

    Love this engagement session. Looks like it was a lot of fun. And PS Your blog looks awesome 😉

  5. Zora F on

    these are MAGAZINE shots for sure, absolutely amazing and beautiful!!

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