Sweetwater River Bridge Engagement – {Nichole + Hunter}

Meet Nicky + Hunter! They are so fun to be around and even easier to photograph! Wow the chemistry between them is hot!  They totally brought it to their engagement session.  And I brought the pretty light.  Uh-huh, I made that happen.

Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_01 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_02 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_03 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_04 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_05 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_06 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_07 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_08 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_09 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_10 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_11 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_12 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_13 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_14 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_15 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_16 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_17 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_18 Sweetwaterbridge_engagement_19

  1. Nichole Mayer on


    We had so much fun with you and it felt so natural:) The photos are beautiful! Thank goodness Rachael found you!!!! Can’t wait hardly wait for wedding photos!


  2. Dani on

    WOW! You really knocked it out of the park with these photos! Incredible! I’m looking forward to the wedding photos! (And I super love that black dress with the lace details!)

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