Torrey Pines Engagement – {Gemma + Mike} – Photos by Mandi

Photos by Associate Photographer, Mandi Contreras

I love how playful these two are!  Laughing a ton, dancing in the ocean – I just know they will have a fantastic wedding!

torrey_pines_engagement_01 torrey_pines_engagement_02 torrey_pines_engagement_03 torrey_pines_engagement_04 torrey_pines_engagement_05 torrey_pines_engagement_06 torrey_pines_engagement_07 torrey_pines_engagement_08 torrey_pines_engagement_09 torrey_pines_engagement_10 torrey_pines_engagement_11 torrey_pines_engagement_12 torrey_pines_engagement_13

  1. Ewan on

    Love the playfulness of this shoot. The shot with the cliff behind them is great!

  2. Danielle on

    These are all really incredible! Mandi did such a good job of capturing how in love they are!

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