A new look for ME = Free stuff for YOU!

5 Years. That’s how long I had my last website.  It was time for a change!  I’m so excited about my new website, blog and branding done by the talented Cathy at Love-Inspired!  I hope you are excited too, even if it just excitement about winning.  😉  Don’t forget to hop on over to the website and check out the beautiful work Cathy did!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

 Free stuff you say?!?!  Everyone loves free stuff!  And the best part – you get to pick your own prize!  I’m giving away one of the following:


                              source                                                                     source                                                                                source

Here are the many different ways for you to enter and win!  You can do just one or increase your odds and do all.

1. Comment on this blog post!  Easy right?  Then get commenting!  (only one comment counts per person, feel free to comment as much as you’d like but just know you only get 1 entry for this)

2. Tweet about this post here –>

Make sure to include my name @melissamcclure in the tweet.  For example, you could write:  “@melissamcclure has a new look – and she is giving away free stuff!  Check it out!   You get 1 additional entry for this!

3. Head over to my fan page (if you would “like” it that would be great – but not conditional on winning). Tag Melissa McClure Photography in a post on your own Facebook personal page or fan page!  You must tag my page so I can track the entry.  (1 entry for this)

4. Blog about my new look on your own blog!  No matter what your blog is about, I’d love the exposure!  Make sure to come back here and put the link in my comment section to your own blog post.  I’ll even throw in an extra entry for this one (2 total)!

5. Pin me!  Choose a photo on my blog and re-pin it on Pinterest!  Any photo at all.  Make sure to tag me in the pin or come back here and link to your pin in the comments. One extra entry for this!

That’s the potential for 6 entries in the contest!  Wowza!  This contest will end on April 10th, with the winner picked by a random number generator on April 11th!  The winner will be notified via the blog and a personal email from me and they will be able to choose their prize!



Congrats to Yvonne B. – the winner!



  1. jenny on

    Hi there! I am way overdue for a photoshoot, especially since I’d like to include my assistant on my website, so I’d love to win! Love the new blog and that I’ve finally got to meet you recently!

  2. Jennifer Johnson on

    I love seeing all your new posts to your blog and Facebook page. Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a photo shoot with you!!!! Awesome website.

  3. Paul Harlan on

    Man I love this girl! She has an amazing talent and I don’t care if I win an iPad mini (it’d be nice. :P) But I just wanted to say how amazing Melissa is as a cousin and a friend! Keep it up lady!

  4. Nina on

    LOVE your new website!!! Off to enter this contest in every other way possible!

  5. Heidi W. on

    Your new website looks amazing! So happy for you!

  6. Mitchell on

    Great pictures!

  7. Mitchell on

    Great pictures!

  8. Looking forward to following you!!!

  9. Janell Torres on

    I love to skim the photos I see you post. Truly beautiful and sincere.

  10. ROBERT on


  11. Renee Gough on


    As much as you love !!!, I love Lolololol. I went round John Robbins barn trying to post my comment(my 100 year old Grandma use to say that phrase “going round John Robbins barn”. lol Anybody out there know who the heck John Robbins was? lololol Ok, I will try and focus and comment as my ADHD is gripping me. lol I’m from the typewriter age, so I don’t facebook, or tweet, or twitter, and the only “pin” I do is with a needle (not on a computer screen) and I kept hitting the blog button to comment and then realized I needed to hit “add a comment” to post, so I am finally here, I think lol.

    There aren’t enough adjectives to tell you what a beautiful person you are just from viewing your pictures. Even though we haven’t met yet, just emailed, I want to say I loved all your pics, but my favorite one that shouts your personality is you frolicking with the tigers….playful, adventurous, funny and maybe just a wee bit of good crazy. I love your new look and can’t wait to meet you in person. Renee, the roadrunnerrenee (my tattoo)

  12. Bree Shea on

    Absolutely love the new look of the blog, its seems to catch both your passions (travel and photography) beautifully. A superb site for a superb photographer!

  13. Marjorie Deacon on

    I love your stuff! Always have! Crossing fingers!!!

  14. Marjorie Deacon on

    My last comment posted too soon but thanks for the chance to win! I did everything but blog because I’m working on a new blog 🙂 hugs!

  15. Megan Orvis Morris on

    You are so amazingly talented! Your perspective is awesome. So creative. And on that note…we need to schedule another family portrait session! : ) (and PS, I added you to FB page, tweeted, commented, pinned, etc.) You know I would sing your praises…contest or no contest!

  16. Esther on

    wrote a post about your new blog!

  17. Esther on

    I tagged you on facebook in my status!

  18. Dawn on

    Yay what a great idea! Love the new look! Love from Seattle 🙂

  19. Araxi on

    The blog looks amazing! Congratulations! 🙂

  20. Peggy Casey(Kim) on

    Melissa I have been following you and being inspired by you for years now, I followed your life and professional work,thank you for the amazing journey!

    Much Respect P.Casey (Kim)

  21. Allison Tabarracci on

    Love the new look Melissa! Your work is amazing and you captured our wedding memories beautifully 🙂

  22. Celeste Demoore on

    You are an amazing photographer!! And, I am loving your new look! P.s. love all the tats you pin =)

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