Bucket List Adventures: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Part two of our amazing trip to Thailand brings us to Chiang Mai, in the north. We took an overnight train from Bangkok (which was a story for another day!) Chiang Mai was a big city surrounded by gorgeous countryside. We got to have some awesome animal adventures here, including cuddling with tigers and bathing elephants.  The photos that Jason and I are in were taken by the employees, mostly as part of the package we purchased to be there.  The rest were taken by me!

Tiger Kingdom was awesome! Cuddling with tigers is something I never thought I would experience! 

Chiang_mai_01 Chiang_mai_02 Chiang_mai_03 Chiang_mai_04 Chiang_mai_05 Chiang_mai_06One of the most beautiful temples we visited, Doi Suthep, in the hills of Chiang Mai. We were there the same time as the King & Queen which was a ruckus as you can imagine.  Didn’t get to meet them though 😉

Chiang_mai_07 Chiang_mai_08 Chiang_mai_09

Chiang Mai from aboveChiang_mai_10

Patara Elephant Farm – adopted an elephant (or two for Jason) for a day!  Such a neat experience!Chiang_mai_11 Chiang_mai_12 Chiang_mai_13

  1. Nikki on

    Wow! Great pictures. How are those tigers not trying to eat you?!?!?!?

  2. Dani on

    I am in love with that close up picture of the texture of the elephant skin! And I love the picture of the stairs in the temple because you can see a random chick with a fuzzy bear hoody on. Ha!

  3. OMG these are SO amazing!!! Ah, someday… 🙂

  4. Renee Gough on


    I’m from the typewriter age, so I don’t facebook, or tweet, or twitter, and only know how to “pin” with needles (not a pin on a computer screen) and I kept hitting the blog button to comment and then realized I needed to hit “add a comment”, so I am finally here on your blog (I think) Lol
    There aren’t enough adjectives to tell you what a beautiful person you are and I haven’t even got to meet you yet. My favorite photo of you; that shouts your personality is you frolicking with the tigers. Playful, fierce, adventurous, funny and maybe a wee bit of good crazy. I love your new look. I can’t wait to meet you. Renee, the roadrunner (my tattoo).

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