Bucket List Adventures: Tanzania, African Safari

When my parents and I were planning this trip to Africa, I only had two requests.  To go on an actual safari and to see Lalibella, Ethiopia (next blog!)  We chose Tanzania for the safari because it is smaller than Kenya and has less tourists.  What a beautiful country!  So green and the clouds are amazing.  I saw some gorgeous animals, up close at Lake Menyara, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.  I would highly recommend visiting Tanzania some day!

My parents, married 41 years in August!

We got the opportunity to visit a traditional Maasai Village where they welcomed us with their dancing

And I met this little cutie, Nema!

  1. Catie Stephens on

    Incredible images, Melissa!

  2. Wow, Mel. These are incredible. What an awesome experience (minus the stomach bug). I hope you are getting better!

  3. love the 4th one down…the giraffe! what an amazing trip!

  4. Leopard in a tree. That’s what I’ve been dying to see on my safari trips! Awesome.

  5. OMG, that is SOOOO amazing! These are images from a magazine. I hope you’re blowing some of these up for your walls. I love the one of the giraffe in the grass! WOW

  6. Danielle on

    OMG, these are unreal!!! I can’t even pick a favorite. Did you see any mini giraffes like the one in the DirecTV commercial? I want one. 😉

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  8. The couple are married and having a HoneyMoon Vacation in Africa and some people of tribal in africa are shown in the pictures whose face are smiling and also we see lion and giraffee are in search of food. the Cheetah is sleeping on top branch of the tree.

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