Lifestyle Portrait Session – {Noah + Renata}

From Renata:

Infertility is the loss of an assumed future.

The past five years of our lives have been fertility-centric.  All leading up to the big guns – In Vitro Fertilization.  IVF was a year long process for us, which was like the slowest roller coaster ride imaginable – filled with mechanical delays and the magical ability to slow down the space-time continuum.  Despite a great team of medical professionals – our journey did not end up in success.

But we aren’t victims of the process.  We were given a chance and we gave it our all.  And oddly enough, I feel grateful for it.  We have a new perspective on life and we get to re-write our plan for the future – this time with a little less assumption.

I submitted my story to Melissa’s contest because I wanted a way to capture how much I appreciate the family unit that I do have. I have an awesome husband that supports me through anything my heart desires… with humor & logic (as opposed to my tears & irrationality.) We have a German Shepherd named Valentino that brings joy & exasperation to our lives. And we have two cats – Ren and Tiger – that provide such a sweet, cuddly love. I am so lucky!

BalboaFamily_009 BalboaFamily_020 BalboaFamily_025 BalboaFamily_030 BalboaFamily_038 BalboaFamily_040 BalboaFamily_054 BalboaFamily_059 BalboaFamily_079 BalboaFamily_089 BalboaFamily_103

  1. Lindsay on

    Congrats on winning! Love these pics and all of your adorable fur babies <3

  2. Helena Parker on

    Love these! So sweet!

  3. Melissa Chaffee on

    Awww I love this post! It brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome couple and their fur babies!

  4. Jasmine on

    Melissa, you have outdone yourself. This was such a moving story to see, and these two look amazingly strong despite the setbacks they’ve worked through. You did a beautiful job telling the story of their family and their continued positive energy!

  5. Teresa on

    So much furry love. Animals ARE family and bring so much love to us and these images prove that. Really lovely.

  6. Erin on

    These photos are so beautiful. Sending love to these two awesome people!

  7. Christianne Dowd on

    Awww how special was this session. And for them to have these images forever… Priceless.

  8. Lauren on

    These images are awesome! I love that they’re celebrating the family that they have. You can feel the love they have for each other.

  9. Chantal on

    Treasure these always. Beautiful!!!!

  10. Sophie on

    What a beautiful family… these are just perfect – to be cherished forever!

  11. Melani on

    These are precious! Love!!!

  12. Love the snuggles going on in all of these! You captured such real and pure love!

  13. Ashley D on

    Gorgeous animals, great captures for them to treasure.

  14. Kristen on

    SO good! I love the connection and realness in all of your photos. Fabulous story telling!

  15. Danielle on

    This is just amazing, and I love her perspective! Family is what you make of it, not what society says! (Also, I want to know what her arm workout regimen is…)

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