Chad and Milisa – Ponte Winery Wedding , Temecula CA

I always feel so honored when another photographer chooses me to photograph their wedding!  That’s a big deal!  Milisa and her business partner didn’t want to stress over capturing the day, so they left it up to me and Mandi!

I think this first image says it all…




Milisa’s rad Jessica Simpson shoes!




Milisa and her posse!




This was a special moment, I got teary eyed!  Milisa wore her late great-grandmothers pearls, and surprised her grandmother by showing her at this point.  She also used the matching necklace for her bouquet!


Hello handsome Chad!


You are stunning Milisa




Milisa was very emotional, especially when her uncle walked her down the aisle and handed her of to her mom


Ponte Winery made a beautiful background




We had so much fun shooting in the vines…I could have stayed their until after dark!








Milisa was a DIY Queen!  The hand sparkled and carved out each of those candles and handmade all the paper products!






The anatomy of a cake smashing: 


I snuck them outside just after susnet, can you believe that sky???











Thank you so much for making me a large part of your day!  I truly felt like I was a friend, not a hired vendor!  You two rock!

xoxo, M

Enjoy the Slideshow!



  1. The traditional smashing of the faces with your own wedding cake…I love it! Great shots, My favorites are of them out in the vineyards.

  2. Milisa on

    First off…you are SO a FRIEND and not hired help!!!!
    I could be happier with our photos and it was like you and I shared a brain. You got EVERYTHING that I would have wanted to shoot myself. Every special moment that I remember of our day you got and I will forever be appreciative of you and Mandi.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

  3. Milisa on

    I meant…”I couldn’t be happier with our photos…”
    Oops…I guess I was too excited! tee hee hee

  4. These are absolutely fabulous Melissa! You captured the day perfectly 🙂

  5. stefanie on

    lovely, melissa! looks like a nice vineyard, too!

  6. Tami on

    My heart melts a little bit more with every wedding you do. Mel- these are amazing! Your talent shines. And how telling is it that all your brides adore you so much?! Doesn’t get much better than that.

  7. Jennifer McGhen on

    Absolutely amazing! All these pictures are soo stunning! You are one talented wedding and I know how honored Milisa was to have you photographe her big day. It was great to see you in action too!!!

  8. Great work as always, Melissa!

  9. Ali on

    Those night shots are GORGEOUS!!!

  10. Mother of the Bride on

    The tears flowed as I watched the slide show. Melissa you and Mandi did such a wonderful job…I couldn’t have asked for more for my daughter’s wedding day. All of the moments you photographed on that glorious day will allow us to look back and see all the memories we hold in our hearts from their wedding day.

  11. Cortney on

    LOVE the vineyard pics! Absolutely beautiful!

  12. Alicia on

    Melissa – Beautiful as always!! This makes me want to ditch my plans and have a winery wedding!

  13. Danielle on

    Ha! I love the “Bride Security” shirts – hilarious! Such a great dress – your pics of the details are so great! Looove the light in the sunset pics!

  14. Wow! Wow! Wow! This is probably my favorite wedding blog you’ve posted lately. I love every single shot. You captured this sooo well. I hope you’re making an album out of these.

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