Olowalu Plantation House, Maui Wedding – {Tito + Serina}

Maui_wedding_olowalu_01 Serina wins the award for most laid back bride.  Of course, she is also the only bride that had a tsunami warning take over the state the night before her wedding!  I was so concerned for her that night and when I checked in with her the next day…she said she wasn’t worried.  She was going to get married no matter what.  Such a great attitude!   Luckily the tsunami was nothing to worry about and their wedding went off without a hitch (largely thanks to their awesome coordinator, Cherise)!  Know what else a tsunami gives us? One amazing sunset!!  Maui_wedding_olowalu_02 Maui_wedding_olowalu_03 Maui_wedding_olowalu_04 Maui_wedding_olowalu_05 Maui_wedding_olowalu_06 Maui_wedding_olowalu_07 Maui_wedding_olowalu_08 Maui_wedding_olowalu_09 Maui_wedding_olowalu_10 Maui_wedding_olowalu_11 Maui_wedding_olowalu_12 Maui_wedding_olowalu_13 Maui_wedding_olowalu_14 Maui_wedding_olowalu_15 Maui_wedding_olowalu_16 Maui_wedding_olowalu_17 Maui_wedding_olowalu_18 Maui_wedding_olowalu_19 Maui_wedding_olowalu_20 Maui_wedding_olowalu_21 Maui_wedding_olowalu_22 Maui_wedding_olowalu_23 Maui_wedding_olowalu_24 Maui_wedding_olowalu_25 Maui_wedding_olowalu_26 Maui_wedding_olowalu_27

Ceremony & Reception: Olowalu Plantation House
Photographer: Melissa McClure
Photography Assistant: Jason Vint
Wedding Coordinator: Cherise Shulman of The Perfect Wedding Maui
Bride’s Hair & Makeup: Jessica Waite

  1. Dani on

    OMG! Such a cute looking photo! You’re right about the amazing sunset – wow! I lurve the second to last photo too!

  2. Lori on

    Wow, what an amazing location. Breathtaking.

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