La Jolla Engagement – |Kelly + Adam|

I was really excited to hang out with Kelly and Adam and explore a few new spots in La Jolla! Even though we didn’t find the elusive secret swings, we did find some killer views! And their pups joined us at the end of the shoot and were some of the most well behaved dogs I’ve photographed! KellyAdam_engagement_014 KellyAdam_engagement_029 KellyAdam_engagement_033 KellyAdam_engagement_036 KellyAdam_engagement_042 KellyAdam_engagement_058 KellyAdam_engagement_060 KellyAdam_engagement_069 KellyAdam_engagement_075 KellyAdam_engagement_078 KellyAdam_engagement_090 KellyAdam_engagement_096 KellyAdam_engagement_105 KellyAdam_engagement_106 KellyAdam_engagement_112 KellyAdam_engagement_114 KellyAdam_engagement_126 KellyAdam_engagement_132 KellyAdam_engagement_139 KellyAdam_engagement_151

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Wedding – |Ryan + Alex|

Tom Hams wedding 01 I’ve known Alex’s uncle for a few years in the wedding industry so I was thrilled when he thought of me for his beloved nieces wedding! I got a chance to meet Alex + Ryan before the big day and what struck me was how sweet and genuine they both were. They were so thrilled to get married. right after the wedding they made a big move to the Pacific Northwest to start their new adventure as husband and wife!Tom Hams wedding 02 Tom Hams wedding 03 Tom Hams wedding 04 Tom Hams wedding 05 Tom Hams wedding 06 Tom Hams wedding 07 Tom Hams wedding 08 Tom Hams wedding 09 Tom Hams wedding 10 Tom Hams wedding 11 Tom Hams wedding 12 Tom Hams wedding 13 Tom Hams wedding 14 Tom Hams wedding 15 Tom Hams wedding 16 Tom Hams wedding 17 Tom Hams wedding 18 Tom Hams wedding 19 Tom Hams wedding 20 Tom Hams wedding 21 Tom Hams wedding 22 Tom Hams wedding 23 Tom Hams wedding 24 Tom Hams wedding 25 Tom Hams wedding 26 Tom Hams wedding 27

Wedding Venue: Tom Ham’s Lighthouse
Getting Ready Venue: Hilton Harbor Island
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Cake: Grove Pastry Shop
DJ & Photobooth: Blake Miller, Pro Motion Entertainment

Los Angeles Engagement session – |Karina + Javier|

Karina found me after coming across my name looking for a caterer for her wedding. Since then she’s been my #1 fan. She is always so encouraging and kind. She and Javier met at work the rest is history. I drove up to LA – near where they live – to check out some spots that Karina had picked out. They were awesome! I’ve always wanted to shoot at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. We ended the session at sunset at the Santa Monica pier! Los Angeles engagement 01 Los Angeles engagement 02 Los Angeles engagement 03 Los Angeles engagement 04 Los Angeles engagement 05 Los Angeles engagement 07 Los Angeles engagement 08 Los Angeles engagement 09 Los Angeles engagement 10 Los Angeles engagement 11 Los Angeles engagement 12 Los Angeles engagement 13 Los Angeles engagement 14 Los Angeles engagement 15 Los Angeles engagement 16 Los Angeles engagement 17

Long Beach Engagement Session – |Kelsey + Paul|

When I wanted to start in photography a wonderful woman named Michele took me under her wing. We became fast friends and she is still a very important part of my life. Little did I know that 10+ years later I’d be photographing her eldest daughters wedding! I’m so happy for Kelsey + Paul – they are super hilarious and adorable together. Just hanging around them put me in such a good mood. We headed to the spot where they met and lived in Long Beach. I love getting out of town and shooting in different spots! Long Beach engagement 01 Long Beach engagement 02 Long Beach engagement 03 Long Beach engagement 04 Long Beach engagement 05 Long Beach engagement 06 Long Beach engagement 07 Long Beach engagement 08 Long Beach engagement 09 Long Beach engagement 10 Long Beach engagement 11 Long Beach engagement 12

Hilton Mission Bay Wedding – |Ben + Sara|

Mission bay Hilton wedding 01 This wedding was a bit different for me – the bride is a very good friend of mine. She really wanted me to be there as a guest so we made a deal. I shot the first half of the wedding and then turned in to a guest for the reception! I had an awesome team of photographers to cover the reception for me. It was a blast to be able to put down my camera and boogie the night away! Ben + Sara are such a fun couple to hang out with. And their friends were no different! I laughed so hard the entire day! Mission bay Hilton wedding 02 Mission bay Hilton wedding 03 Mission bay Hilton wedding 04 Mission bay Hilton wedding 05 Mission bay Hilton wedding 06 Mission bay Hilton wedding 07 Mission bay Hilton wedding 08 Mission bay Hilton wedding 09 Mission bay Hilton wedding 10 Mission bay Hilton wedding 11 Mission bay Hilton wedding 12 Mission bay Hilton wedding 13 Mission bay Hilton wedding 14 Mission bay Hilton wedding 15 Mission bay Hilton wedding 16 Mission bay Hilton wedding 17 Mission bay Hilton wedding 18 Mission bay Hilton wedding 19 Mission bay Hilton wedding 20 Mission bay Hilton wedding 21 Mission bay Hilton wedding 22 Mission bay Hilton wedding 23 Mission bay Hilton wedding 24 Mission bay Hilton wedding 25 Mission bay Hilton wedding 26
Ceremony Venue: St Patrick’s Catholic Parish
Reception Venue: Hilton Mission Bay
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Photo Assistants: Jamie + Julie
Coordinator: Jen with Day of Love
Florist: Branches Floral Studio
Hair + Makeup: Jackie with Jellis Faces
DJ: Pat with Sound Prodigy

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