Tom Hams Lighthouse Wedding – |Danielle + Tom|

Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 01 I usually start my blogs with a pretty photo of the couple. But today, it’s a bit different. This post is dedicated to Tom’s mom who lost a very short and unexpected battle to cancer not long after the wedding. Hearing these stories really drive home the importance of family photos. My heart goes out to Tom and his family.

Tom + Danielle’s wedding day was a hit or miss on rain. We got so lucky and had the most beautiful soft grey skies! And you cannot miss their gorgeous cake – contender for one of my very favorites!  Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 02 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 03 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 04 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 05 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 06 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 07 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 08 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 09 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 10 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 11 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 12 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 13 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 14 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 15 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 16 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 17 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 18 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 19 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 20 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 21 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 22 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 23 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 24 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 25 Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding 26
Venue: Tom Ham’s Lighthouse
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Coordinator: Deanna Jones
Florist: Posies Flowers
Getting Ready Venue: Hilton Harbor Island
Bride’s Hair & Makeup: Lynzy Gowing
DJ: Primo
Cake: Babycakes
Video: Motus Films
Officiant: Craig Knudsen

Portland Engagement Session – |Melodee + Ryan|

Ryan is the head brewer for Barrel Mountain Brewery in Battle Ground, WA so I was stoked to be able to start the engagement session on his home turf with a beer! Jason and I had a blast going all over Vancouver and Portland with these two – always with a beer in our hands!

Melodee’s gorgeous makeup by Whitney StassiPortland brewery Engagement session 01 Portland brewery Engagement session 02 Portland brewery Engagement session 03 Portland brewery Engagement session 04 Portland brewery Engagement session 05 Portland brewery Engagement session 06 Portland brewery Engagement session 07 Portland brewery Engagement session 08 Portland brewery Engagement session 09 Portland brewery Engagement session 10 Portland brewery Engagement session 11 Portland brewery Engagement session 12 Portland brewery Engagement session 13 Portland brewery Engagement session 14 Portland brewery Engagement session 15 Portland brewery Engagement session 16

Falkner Winery Wedding – |Carlo + Edie|

Falkner winery wedding 01 My biggest memory from this wedding was the weather. It was HOT. Like hottest day of the year hot. And the limo bus AC broke down. We all squeezed in to a regular limo to get to the first look. But once Edie + Carlo saw each other for the first time, nothing else mattered. They were all smiles and laughs leading up to the ceremony! Falkner winery wedding 02 Falkner winery wedding 03 Falkner winery wedding 04 Falkner winery wedding 05 Falkner winery wedding 06 Falkner winery wedding 07 Falkner winery wedding 08 Falkner winery wedding 09 Falkner winery wedding 10 Falkner winery wedding 11 Falkner winery wedding 12 Falkner winery wedding 13 Falkner winery wedding 14 Falkner winery wedding 15 Falkner winery wedding 16 Falkner winery wedding 17 Falkner winery wedding 18 Falkner winery wedding 19 Falkner winery wedding 20 Falkner winery wedding 21 Falkner winery wedding 22 Falkner winery wedding 23 Falkner winery wedding 24

Venue: Falkner Winery
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Coordinator: Stacey with Storybook Weddings and Events
Makeup Artist: Elena T Beauty
Getting Ready Venue: Temecula Creek Inn

Long Beach Engagement Session – |Drew + Samantha|

Samantha + Drew live in Arizona but came back to So Cal for their engagement session with me. We met in Sam’s hometown of Long Beach and I found some new awesome areas I didn’t know existed! Like, who had any idea there was a rad lighthouse right near downtown!? Too cool. I simply cannot wait to see these two again at their wedding in March! Long Beach Engagement Photos 01 Long Beach Engagement Photos 02 Long Beach Engagement Photos 03 Long Beach Engagement Photos 04 Long Beach Engagement Photos 05 Long Beach Engagement Photos 06 Long Beach Engagement Photos 07 Long Beach Engagement Photos 08 Long Beach Engagement Photos 09 Long Beach Engagement Photos 10 Long Beach Engagement Photos 11 Long Beach Engagement Photos 12 Long Beach Engagement Photos 13 Long Beach Engagement Photos 14 Long Beach Engagement Photos 15 Long Beach Engagement Photos 16 Long Beach Engagement Photos 17 Long Beach Engagement Photos 18 Long Beach Engagement Photos 19

Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding – |Frank + Michele|

Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 01 If laughing was a hobby, these two would have that listed first. We laughed the entire engagement session and the wedding was nothing different! I really enjoyed hanging out with these two, they are so easy to get along with! And their families were so awesome. Oh and if you ask nicely, Michele might teach you how to Dougie. 😉Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 02 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 03 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 04 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 05 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 06 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 07 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 08 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 09 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 10 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 11 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 12 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 13 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 14 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 15 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 16 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 17 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 18 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 19 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 20 Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding 21

Venue: Japanese Friendship Garden
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Videographer: Murasaki Media
DJ: Eddie
Florist: I Do Flowers For You
Catering: Ranch

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