Martin Johnson House Wedding – Jeff + Alex

martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-01 I met Jeff years before when I photographed his sister Molly’s wedding. I was thrilled that he and Alex thought of me for their La Jolla nuptials! These two met while going to school at UCSD so it made sense to come back here for their wedding. The day was intimate, family oriented and their adorable pup Toby was the center of attention! Jeff and Alex are both such sweet and caring souls, I felt like part of the families! martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-02 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-03 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-04 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-05 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-06 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-07 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-08 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-09 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-10 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-11 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-12 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-13 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-14 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-15 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-16 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-17 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-18 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-19 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-20 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-21 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-22 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-23 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-24 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-25 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-26 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-27 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-28 martin-johnson-house-same-sex-wedding-29Ceremony + Reception Venue: Martin Johnson House, UCSD
Wedding Planner: Amy June Weddings and Events
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
DJ: Sage Productions

Colorful La Jolla Engagement Session – |Ashley + Ryan|

I met Ryan a few years ago at a craft beer share at his home! He was very friendly to me every time we saw each other at a beer event. During that time, he met Ashley and fell in love. I knew I would like her immediately when I met her – they are a great match! Plus she’s from the Chicago area, which I love! They are getting married next year in Chicago and I cannot wait! Ashley is a botanist (so cool!) so greenery was important as a backdrop. We met at the Torrey Pines Hilton and explored their gorgeous garden area before heading down to the beach near their home! la-jolla-engagement-session-01 la-jolla-engagement-session-02 la-jolla-engagement-session-03 la-jolla-engagement-session-04 la-jolla-engagement-session-05 la-jolla-engagement-session-06 la-jolla-engagement-session-07 la-jolla-engagement-session-08 la-jolla-engagement-session-09 la-jolla-engagement-session-10 la-jolla-engagement-session-11 la-jolla-engagement-session-12 la-jolla-engagement-session-13 la-jolla-engagement-session-14 la-jolla-engagement-session-15

South Park Engagement – |Jessica + Ryan|

I had so much fun with Jessica + Ryan! We decided to do their session in their favorite neighborhood, South Park. They spent a lot of time here until Ryan had to move to the East Coast for work. He was in town for Comic Con so we made the shoot happen in a short amount of time! Jessica is the sister of one of my good friends so it was fun getting to know her in real life rather than seeing her through her sister’s Facebook! We laughed a ton, they prepped me for my first Comic Con experience, had some delicious chocolate and just had a blast. JessicaRyanEngagement_011 JessicaRyanEngagement_019 JessicaRyanEngagement_034 JessicaRyanEngagement_045 JessicaRyanEngagement_047 JessicaRyanEngagement_050 JessicaRyanEngagement_066 JessicaRyanEngagement_071 JessicaRyanEngagement_077 JessicaRyanEngagement_088 JessicaRyanEngagement_095 JessicaRyanEngagement_098 JessicaRyanEngagement_108 JessicaRyanEngagement_131 JessicaRyanEngagement_165

Maui, Hawaii Trash the Dress Session – |Ozzie + Janie|

One of my favorite things to do after a destination wedding is a trash the dress session with the couple! It’s typically the next day, the nerves and stress have been lifted and they can truly enjoy just being married. Ozzie and Janie were so much fun and down for anything! We even met up with some of their guests at the Hyatt pool for some floatie fun! maui trash the dress 01 maui trash the dress 02 maui trash the dress 03 maui trash the dress 04 maui trash the dress 05 maui trash the dress 06 maui trash the dress 07 maui trash the dress 08 maui trash the dress 09 maui trash the dress 10 maui trash the dress 11 maui trash the dress 12

Hyatt Regency Maui Destination Wedding – |Ozzie + Janie|

Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 01 If you spend more than 10 seconds with Janie you will discover her gregarious personality. The girl loves to smile and laugh. Ozzie is her perfect puzzle piece. While a bit more reserved than Janie (ok everyone is more reserved than Janie) he is still the life of the party, immediately welcoming into his circle and the first to laugh at Janie’s jokes. They just fit.

This one was special since I’ve known them for a couple years now. The easiest way to put it is that Janie + I share a best friend (Danielle). Who also helped coordinate this wedding. When I heard Janie + Ozzie were thinking Hawaii I was so excited. The whole day went so great. It was REALLY hot and humid but that didn’t stop anyone from dancing the night away. One of my favorite memories is when Danielle surprised Janie with a blow up dolphin during the reception. Janie’s love for dolphins is ALMOST as big as her love for Ozzie.  Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 02 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 03 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 04 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 05 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 06 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 07 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 08 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 09 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 10 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 11 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 12 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 13 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 14 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 15 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 16 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 17 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 18 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 19 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 20 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 21 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 22 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 23 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 24 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 25 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 26 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 27 Hyatt Maui Destination Wedding 28

Ceremony Venue: Sacred Hearts Mission Church
Reception Venue: Hyatt Regency Maui
Wedding Planner: Danielle with Ballroom Glitz
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Brides Dress: St Pucchi
Hair: HJP Salon
MakeUp: Camiko Makeup by Camille
DJ: Barefoot Minded Entertainment
Florals: Dellables
Signage: Miss B Calligraphy
Transportation: Hawaii Executive Transportation
Cake: Cake Fanatics Maui

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