Omni San Diego Wedding |Scott + Jennifer|

Omni San Diego Gaslamp 01 I’m still catching up on blogging 2014’s weddings! So many good ones to share! Jen + Scott were no exception. After their killer Chicago engagement session, I was looking forward to some more urban portraits around the Gaslamp in San Diego! It was the most perfect November day!

Check out the video of their day from awesome filmmaker Joel Crisp Omni San Diego Gaslamp 02 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 03 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 04 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 05 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 06 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 07 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 08 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 09 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 10 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 11 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 12 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 13 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 14 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 15 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 16 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 17 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 18 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 19 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 20 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 21 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 22 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 23 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 24 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 25 Omni San Diego Gaslamp 26

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Omni Gaslamp
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Wedding Planner: Melissa with I Do Weddings
DJ & Lighting: Bruce Battleson
Officiant: Rev Tuttle, Vows from the Heart Ministries
Cake: Heavenly Cupcakes
Hair: Erica, Beauty Ever After
Makeup: Melissa Rae Makeup
Videographer: Joel Crisp

Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding – {Bryan + Asal}

scripps forum wedding_01 I have been just holding my breath waiting to share this amazing wedding with you! Asal and Bryan were married at Scripps Seaside Forum in a family-oriented laid-back wedding. They incorporated a few Persian traditions which were stunning. And that bouquet = swoon!

This wedding was featured today on Artfully Wed! Check it out to see comments from the bride herself! scripps forum wedding_02 scripps forum wedding_03 scripps forum wedding_04 scripps forum wedding_05 scripps forum wedding_06 scripps forum wedding_07 scripps forum wedding_08 scripps forum wedding_09 scripps forum wedding_10 scripps forum wedding_11 scripps forum wedding_12 scripps forum wedding_13 scripps forum wedding_14 scripps forum wedding_15 scripps forum wedding_16 scripps forum wedding_17 scripps forum wedding_18 scripps forum wedding_19 scripps forum wedding_20

Pasadena Engagement Session – |Mary Kate + Taylor|

I truly feel all engagement photoshoots should start with craft beer! 😉 Mary Kate and Taylor introduced me to an awesome beer bar called Lucky Baldwins. We spent some time chatting and drinking before walking around Pasadena. I hadn’t been there in many years so it was fun to see how much it has grown! We ended at the gorgeous City Hall which had endless back drops to photograph! Pasadena City Hall Engagement 01 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 02 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 03 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 04 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 05 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 06 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 07 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 08 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 09 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 10 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 11 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 12 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 13 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 14 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 15 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 16 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 17 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 18 Pasadena City Hall Engagement 19

The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding – |Charles + Shannon|

The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 01 I had met Shannon years prior to her wedding since we share a few mutual friends. I think it was always an unspoken fact I’d be her wedding photographer. 😉 She and Charles had such a beautiful, modern Fall inspired wedding in Carlsbad and were rewarded with the most stunning sunset! All that and I got to sit at a guest table with my friends!? Wedding photo win! The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 02 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 03 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 04 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 05 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 06 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 07 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 08 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 09 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 10 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 11 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 12 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 13 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 14 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 15 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 16 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 17 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 18 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 19 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 20 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 21 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 22 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 23 The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding 24

Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Crossings at Carlsbad
Getting Ready Venue: The West Inn & Suites
Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Floral Design: Suzan M Florals
DJ: Joshua, Still Listening Productions

Secluded Garden Estate Wedding – |Justin + Edith|

Secluded Garden Estate wedding 01 A true Cowboy/Cowgirl romance. Edith + Justin absolutely love the outdoors and animals. It was only natural that they would include both in their wedding day! Edith’s horse Charger even made an appearance for her entrance and some portraits! Don’t forget to check out Edith’s amazing cowgirl boots either! Swoon! Secluded Garden Estate wedding 02 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 03 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 04 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 05 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 06 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 07 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 08 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 09 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 10 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 11 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 12 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 13 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 14 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 15 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 16 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 17 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 18 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 19 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 20 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 21 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 22 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 23 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 24 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 25 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 26 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 27 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 28 Secluded Garden Estate wedding 29

Venue: Secluded Garden Estate
Coordinator: Joanna Allen

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