Pala Mesa Wedding – {Michael + Sara}

Pala_Mesa_wedding_01Sarah + Mike are both extremely busy Doctors, I didn’t get much time to get to know them prior to the wedding!  Plus they live in Chicago so there was that whole geography issue.  Regardless. they were so fun to be around and I’m not sure I’ve ever met a couple more suited for each other. Pretty big statement but you (probably) weren’t there so you have to take my word for it.  😉  They had a beautiful Fall themed wedding last October in Sarah’s hometown and I am so glad I was there to witness and photograph it!   Pala_Mesa_wedding_02 Pala_Mesa_wedding_03 Pala_Mesa_wedding_04 Pala_Mesa_wedding_05 Pala_Mesa_wedding_06 Pala_Mesa_wedding_07 Pala_Mesa_wedding_08 Pala_Mesa_wedding_09 Pala_Mesa_wedding_10 Pala_Mesa_wedding_11 Pala_Mesa_wedding_12 Pala_Mesa_wedding_13 Pala_Mesa_wedding_14 Pala_Mesa_wedding_15 Pala_Mesa_wedding_16 Pala_Mesa_wedding_17 Pala_Mesa_wedding_18 Pala_Mesa_wedding_19 Pala_Mesa_wedding_20 Pala_Mesa_wedding_21 Pala_Mesa_wedding_22 Pala_Mesa_wedding_23 Pala_Mesa_wedding_24 Pala_Mesa_wedding_25 Pala_Mesa_wedding_26 Pala_Mesa_wedding_27 Pala_Mesa_wedding_28 Pala_Mesa_wedding_29 Pala_Mesa_wedding_30 Pala_Mesa_wedding_31 Pala_Mesa_wedding_32

Wedding Location: Pala Mesa Resort
Photographer: Melissa McClure
DJ:  Bryan Thrane, Pacific Entertainment
Hair/make up: Sandy with Cheeky Sh’iki
Brides Dress: David’s Bridal
Officiant: Ben McKelahan
  1. Lynn Hulbert on

    Melissa you did such a fantastic job with these pictures. You captured so many emotions and seemed to be everywhere! These are classics and Make me smile and bring a tear each time I look at them. Thankyou!! Mother of the Bride. .

  2. Lori on

    Gorgeous photos, Melissa. Such bold colors, they created the perfect color palette for a Fall wedding.

  3. Jane Gregory on

    Sarah and Mike most perfect day and most perfect photos. Aunty Jane. xxxxx

  4. Dani on

    GORGEOUS photos! I love the one of them on the stairs! Love love!

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